Write this Summer!

Summertime… may the writing be easy! While The California Writers Club is on break for the summer, I hope you will keep writing. We writers have things to say, words to wrangle, and a world full of plot twists in need of happy endings.
Hello, I’m Kristen Caven, the new president of the Berkeley Branch.
I have been a member for 11 years, and fondly remember our “Captain,” AL Levenson, who “discovered” my design business, Cowgirl Creative, and asked me for help with this website and our newsletter, Write Angles, and taught me a lot about friendly leadership. My mission as a writer is to “bring forth the treasures hidden within” and, as a human, to help others do the same.
This summer, you can:

If you’d like to contribute to the club,* contact me or another board member.


Nearly a yard of books by our club authors!

We need a newsletter editor! And people to work the door at meetings! And someone to administer our 5th grade story contest! And a new, BART-able, accessible space to feature our monthly speaker program

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