WRITE-IN: “Write Global at the Local” with Wolf Pack WAG

To wit: hyper-local is hyper-global.

Our writer’s action group (wag) is co-hosting a virtual write-in on Thursday from 2-5. Originally scheduled to meet in Alameda the day before the Corona Crisis Lockdown, this is our first online write-in.

Say you’re coming and get the ZOOM link on the Event page.

Our Wolf Pack Write-Ins create space for writers to take action on the climate crisis together. Whatever your genre, this is a space/time to work on your existing articles, stories, letters, or books—or find inspiration for new actions. Our imagination and emotion are crucial to every conversation, to disrupt the narrative of complacency and invoke urgency and new awareness.

Each write-in highlights a partner representing an ecological group or idea. In February we wrote at the Sierra Club. In April, our inspiration comes from 100K Trees for Humanity, a community initiative to plant 100,000 trees and plants to reduce CO2 towards Alameda’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan goal to become carbon net neutral by 2030.

This event, which takes place the Thursday before Earth Day, is a support group for writers preparing statements or submissions for April 22nd.

Zoom in at 2pm, ready to share or seek inspiration, and ready to get some writing done. Here’s our playlist in progress.

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