Write Angles Now Available on Website

In an effort to increase the readership of our Berkeley Branch newsletter, we at Write Angles wondered if it might not be advantageous to publish it on our website. Previously, receiving the monthly newsletter was a members-only benefit; but by accident, I posted the September issue on our website for all to see. When I mentioned this mistake to my husband, he asked why we didn’t always put the newsletter up on the website.

Hmm…That’s when I polled the presidents and newsletter editors of the other CWC branches to find out if they publish their newsletters on their websites, and if so, why. The response was almost unanimous: most other branches have been doing this for months or even years. Reasons to do so include the promotional benefits for members who have publishing news to share, more exposure for members who write articles for the newsletter, and a bigger audience for those who advertise their services in Member Marketplace.

So at our board meeting last Saturday, we officially decided to make Write Angles available to everyone via our website. Of course, for newsletter content, only members may share their news, advertise their services, enter the monthly writers’ contest, and submit articles. But in the future, everyone will have access to the newsletter as soon as it is published.

I think that would be called a win-win.

Tanya Grove

President, CWC-BB

Editor, Write Angles

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