Winter Social Will Have More than Talking Heads

December 19th our Virtual Party will Have Writing Games, Performance, Dancing, a Virtual Tour and More

Every Winter Social is different…but this year has all others beat. We are nine months into a pandemic that’s showing no signs of letting up…and yet we have hope. And as terrible as this year’s events have been, there have been surprising bright spots. The theme for this season’s event is “Gifts of 2020.”

Appropriate attire for a Zoom party.

One of the gifts of our situation is the opportunity to let our imaginations run wild! So our virtual (Zoom) event, will take place at the newly built, ages-old “California Writers Clubhouse” perched high in the virtual Oakland Hills. When you step out of your flying car you will enter the Reception Hall, where President Karma will invite you to serve yourself a cocktail or refreshment of your choice, and begin your experience wandering about the party.

Using the power of self-selected breakout rooms (thank you Zoom 5.0!), you will be able to:

  • Take a (virtual) tour of Joaquin Miller Park
  • Stop in the Lounge to chat with CWC members, Meetup members, and Guests
  • Read the best thing you wrote in 2020 (CWC-BB full members only; limit: 5 minutes) in the Parlor, OR
  • Show off your other talents (there are musicians and artists among us; please share your gifts!)
  • Play a literary game in the Billiards Room, and have some fun with Club photos.
  • Pay your respects to Anne Fox and other “Members We Remember” in the Atrium
  • Get up and dance in the Bandaloop Ballroom with KRS-10.

At the end of the evening, we will all gather for the first annual “Superlative Awards.” 

And you’ll still be home by bedtime!

We’ll need some volunteers to make this participatory event an unforgettable experience. Send an email to if you’d like to help us host. We recommend you download Zoom 5.0 for the best experience. We will send out the evening schedule and a few more reminders the morning of the event.

Tickets are free, but we hope you make a donation in honor of a California Writer, which will go to support writers of the future. And we hope it’s a good one.

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