“The Wind In Our Sails” by Kristen Caven

As a parting gift to the CWC, president Kristen Caven has published her funny and topical collected messages to the club. From her first installment, “Herding Cats,” in which she has a dream to teach cats (writers) to dance in formation, to her last, “Taking a Knee,” in which she reflects on current events and the importance of lifting the voices of our members of color, Caven shares three years of philosophizing, reporting, and cajoling for the sake of her historic writing community.

The Wind In Our Sails is intended to be a perpetual fundraiser for the club.

Make any donation over .99 and get inspired!

Be sure to join us at our Annual Book Launch on June 20, 2020,
to witness Kristen getting 20 writers to “dance in formation!”

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  • comment-avatar
    dirk wales 06/23/2020 (2:04 am)

    I would like a copy of Kristen’s book
    Wind in our Sails…
    but I can’t pay on line…
    where do I send a check and for how much.
    Dirk Wales

    • comment-avatar
      jacklondon 08/10/2020 (8:46 pm)

      Hey Dirk, looks like your comment got caught in our spam filter. I will contact the treasurer to find out about that. I don’t want to steer you wrong and waste the postage.

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