Meet 20+ new BOOKSTARS and enjoy your summer reading!

20+ Authors from the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club read from 20+ new books on 6/20/2020

Purchase all these titles at Our Bookshop! (Profits go to our members of color who are severely impacted by the Covid crisis.) 

  1. Hello Universe Lovers & Oakland, I’m Not Dead by Keith Mark Gaboury
  2. A Waltz in Tennessee by Francine Howard
  3. Tell Me, Signora by Ann Harleman
  4. Expect Betrayal by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth
  5. Into the Black by Beth Barany
  6. The Souls of Her Feet by Kristen Caven
  7. Age Matters by Peggy Dougherty
  8. Freefall: A Divine Comedy by Lily Iona MacKenzie
  9. People You’ve Been Before by Tim Jollymore
  10. Squirrels in the Wall by Henry Hitz
  11. When I Killed My Father: An Assisted Suicide Family Thriller by John Byrne Barry
  12. Dispatches From The Swinging Door Saloon by Randall McNair
  13. The Grating of America by Judith Offer
  14. Private Investigations edited by Victoria Zackheim
  15. How to Understand and Deal with Your Fear and Anxiety by Gini Graham Scott
  16. Finding Venerable Mother by Cindy Rasicot
  17. On A Road by Jeff Kingman
  18. The Poet’s Garage by Terry Tierney

Coming Soon:

  1. Discovering Kubrick’s Symbolism: The Secrets of the Films by Nicole Berg
  2. The Lines Between Us by Rebecca D’Harlingue
  3. Dance of the Deities: Searching for Our Once and Future Egalitarian Society by Patricia McBroom
  4. Bone Moon Palace by Paul Corman Roberts

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