Taking Your Book from Unknown Entity to Bestseller – A conversation on May 15, 2022

On May 15th, our annual book marketing panel will feature Quinn Ward (Six-Figure-Selling Author), Keri-Rae Barnum (Director of New Shelves Books), and Jane Ubell-Meyer (BedsideReading.com). The conversation will be moderated by Karma Bennett, Berkeley Branch president. Feel free to join for a chance to meet our panelists.

Board Election this Sunday

Members take note that this Sunday we will be electing next year’s board prior to the panel (see schedule below). We have a lot of people running for the general board positions, which are crucial to what transpires over the next year. These board members will handle tasks such as promoting events, handling Zoom recordings, editing our newsletter, and relaying news to and from CWC and the other branches. At this meeting you will have a chance to question the nominees so you can vote with confidence.

Now, on to the panelists!

Meet our Book Marketing Panelists

Quinn Ward of Author Ad School

Quinn Ward

Quinn Ward is the six-figure author of over two dozen contemporary gay romance novels, including the best-selling Homeruns Series. They’re the senior adviser at Author Ad School, mentoring students to achieve higher profitability through Amazon Ads and optimized marketing.

You can learn more about them at quinnwardwrites.com or follow them on Facebook or Twitter @quinnwardwrites. To join their 5-Day Author Ad Profit Challenge, join their group here.

Keri-Rae Barnum of New Shelves Books

Keri-Rae Barnum

Keri-Rae Barnum is the Executive Director of New Shelves Books. Over the last few years, Keri has parlayed her 15 years of varied marketing experiences and turned her attention to book sales and marketing. Her focus and strengths are helping publishers and authors skip the “learning curve” and become truly successful at advertising, review acquisition and book sales online, in libraries, and in stores. She is a keyword expert and creator of highly successful Amazon and online ads. She can be found at www.NewShelves.com

You can learn more about New Shelves at www.newshelves.com or follow them on Facebook @NewShelvesBooks. You can also reach Keri at keri@newshelves.com or 518-261-1300, or follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn @KeriBarnum.

Jane Ubell-Meyer of Bedside Reading

Jane Ubell-Meyer

Jane is the founder of Bedside Reading®, the world’s leader in placing and promoting books and authors in 5-star luxury hotels, the Hamptons, and the Media. This year,  Jane celebrates 21 years of placing books in the Hamptons (through her companies, Buzz Bags and Madison & Mulholland). In 2017, Jane re-launched and re-branded the business officially launching Bedside Reading®, providing authors the opportunity to expand their fan base by placing books physical books, audiobooks, and eBooks) in luxury hotels, creating book marketing events from Aspen to Santa Monica.

You can learn more about Bedside Reading® at https://www.bedsidereading.com/.


This is a free event occurring on June 18th at 1pm via Zoom . To join, visit https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81524698089.

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