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Dear CWCers,

A few eagle-eyed members clued me in to an important detail that I overlooked in my email blast yesterday—the time of the event!

The annual CWC statewide picnic is from 1–4, Saturday, July 20, 2013 at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. I’ve attached the official invitation. And more info on LitCake (just one of the fabulous events at the picnic) is below.


At the California Writers Club Annual Picnic, July 20 at Joaquin Miller Park

Members, trade your typewriter for a cake pan, your fountain pen in for a frosting tube, and let your muses loose!

Decorate any cake, cookie, pie, or other dessert with a literary theme and the sky’s the limit. There are no rules for materials, size, shape, or theme, as long as there is a concept that can be savored by literary minds.

This year’s celebrity judge is Stan Dodson, Friend of Joaquin Miller Park and manager of La Farine Bakery in the Dimond, who will sponsor this contest with a gift certificate and display a photo of the winning cake on their FaceBook Page. All attendees are welcome to vote.

Rules: Rules? What rules? Let them eat cake! (Cakes may not be eaten until after judging.)


Each cake will be labeled with the creator’s name, the title of the cake and a number. Those who wish to vote will be given a raffle ticket on which to write the number of their favorite in terms of concept, design, and presentation.

Special prizes will be revealed on the day of the event!

Former entries include:

  • A chocolate sheet cake in the form of a closed book with the artistic cover of a 1930’s edition of Canterbury Tales iced in fondant on the top. One side was shaped to be the spine and faithfully replicated, with grooves the other three sides iced to look like the edges of the book’s pages.

  • A Very Hungry Caterpillar made out of cupcakes.

  • A simple pan cake shaded from black to white entitled Fifty Shades of Grey.

  • A Lovely cake scattered with candy shaped like Bones.

Here is a book-shaped pan: http://pinterest.com/pin/271975264966700390/ for those in need of a starting point….

Note: The Berkeley Branch will be hosting an open house in October the morning after LitQuake ends. The theme is “LitCake” and the intent is to raise public awareness of our club and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of California Writers Week!



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