Marketing Success Group

The CWC Berkeley Marketing Group met for over three years, covering many topics including blogging, website, and alternative venues to sell books. Members would research a topic and share their knowledge and experience at each meeting.

In 2013 our Marketing Group moved to a new format. Success Groups have been around for a few years in the for- and non-profit world. In our group, each member declares his/her goal for the coming month and the following meeting shares whether they succeeded in reaching that goal. If they did, they receive a round of applause, and are pushed to declare a more difficult goal for the next month. If they did not reach their goal, the group tries to help them see where they could have improved and offers tools and guidance.

The group is based on a number of clear principles: a safe space (as in, what happens in Vegas…), honesty, and a desire to genuinely help each other succeed. It is based upon a win:win mentality.

The marketing group meets at 1pm prior to the monthly CWC meetings and is open to all CWC members. Please feel free to come and join us and offer suggestions to help others in the success group. If you want to be part of the success group, you will be expected to commit to attending every meeting possible.

The Marketing Success Group is led by Alon Shalev, author of The Accidental ActivistUnwanted Heroes, and At The Walls Of Galbrieth. Contact Alon at

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