Support/Critique Groups

Writers need support from other writers, and critique groups are a great way to get feedback and support other writers at the same time.

Craft Group

Every month before our meeting, we hold a 1-hour craft discussion group at noon, open to members and prospective members.

Marketing Support Group

One of our club’s best perks is a support group for the hardest part of writing: marketing your work. Leaders and experts teach the latest marketing skills, and members hold each other accountable to their goals. The marketing group meets before monthly meetings. Read more about it here.

Five Page Group

Our longest-running critique group reviews prose-fiction, nonfiction, query letters, proposals. Meets year-round on 3rd Saturday of each month, 1-5 p.m., in the 2nd-floor meeting room of the Rockridge Library, 5366 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618. Attendance averages 16 people. Eight manuscripts are reviewed in the order of arrival after manuscripts left over from the previous meeting are reviewed. First-timers are welcome to bring a submission or simply sit in.

Bring 16 copies of up to five pages, numbered, double-spaced, with indented paragraphs. On first page provide title and author’s name, and note if submission is fiction or nonfiction. If the pages submitted are part of a larger work and not the beginning, include a brief one-paragraph synopsis.  Participants read silently on-site, marking pages, and discussion follows. Readers sign the drafts they have worked on. More information at

Memoir Group

“Writing Ourselves” meets in cafes and member’s homes. We read pages (not out loud) during the meeting and discuss. Contact Wendy Sonenson at at ‘wendysonenson’ at gmail for further information!

Google Group

Our online member forum is a way to connect with other club members, and is especially great for those who can’t make it to meetings. Click here to request membership!

Other critique/support groups offered by CWC-BB members

The Flourishing Artist Seminars by Kristen Caven don’t cover craft or business, but the positive psychology of living a creative life.

Would you like to form a new critique or support group?

Members of our branch can start groups to suit their interests or needs. Please write to us at our berkeley.cwc gmail address with meeting time, meeting place and the critique process you plan to use. We will provide guidelines and an insurance form.