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11/17 SPEAKER – "You Can Be a Winning Writer" with Joan Gelfland

In this participatory workshop, author Joan Gelfand will discuss her 4 C’s approach to becoming a successful author. Joan will discuss how to incorporate craft, commitment, community, and confidence into a writing practice. Joan and her clients have produced significant results by incorporating this approach into their own writing practices. Accompanied by a thirty-minute Power Point, Joan ...

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10/20 SPEAKER – "How Writers Can Avoid Legal Trouble" with Nicholas Jollymore, esq

Writers can get into legal trouble without knowing it. Learn best practices and get the basics about libel, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, subpoenas, confidential sources, and the California Shield Law from Literary Lawyer Nicholas J. Jollymore.  About Nick Jollymore Nick Jollymore has run a legal practice out of a home office since he moved to San Francisco in 2010.  Prior to ...

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On Being a Working Writer: an Interview with Peggy Dougherty

This Sunday, we're hosting a panel on the working writer, to engage our members in conversation about finding balance and inspiration with our writing careers. In celebration of our final event in this year's speaker series, we have asked some questions of panelist Peggy Dougherty. Peggy is an award-winning playwright whose plays have had had thirty-eight productions. Her plays (all comedies) ...

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5/19 PANEL: "The Working Writer"

Meet the panelists who will be featured in our final event before the summer hiatus: "The Working Writer" The panel explores work life balance issues for professional writers. Our panel will feature three writers with different relationships to work. Thaddeus Howze makes a living with his writing. Paul Corman-Roberts makes a living doing something related to his writing. Peggy Dougherty, now retired, made a living doing something completely UNrelated to her writing. How do you make a living from your writing? This panel will guide writers at all stages of their career to find the best answer to that question. Click through to learn about our panelists and don't forget to RSVP on Facebook.

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Marty Nemko

Interview with Marty Nemko, our Guest for This Sunday, Sept. 16th

This month, the California Writers' Club has harnessed the wisdom of Bay Area author and career coach Marty Nemko. At our regular meeting, Sunday September 16th, he'll speak to how to apply career-building knowledge and hip wisdom to your literary pursuits.

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