CWC Book Launch Party Sat. June 15th


Octopus Literary Salon on Saturday

June 15, 6:30-8:30 pm

The California Writer’s Club is hosting its annual launch party for member authors who were published in 2018-2019. Continuously operating since 1909, we are rich with Oakland history and writing for the future! Join us to hear seven excellent and diverse voices span genres from women’s fiction to thrillers, and self-help. A unique opportunity to absorb the vibrant local lit scene and get some great new books!

Featuring seven excellent and diverse voices spanning many genres, including literary fiction, magic realism, science fiction, thrillers, and timely non-fiction, the reading provides a unique opportunity to absorb and interact with the vibrant Bay Area literary scene.

Getting There

The Octopus Literary Salon is located at 2101 Webster Street in Oakland, not far from the 19th Street BART stop.


We are holding this event rather than our regular Sunday meeting. No meeting on June 16th!

There’s no charge for this event but please RSVP on Facebook

Readings Featured at the Book Launch Party

by Peggy Dougherty

Winner of the San Diego Book Award! A 60-something screenwriter convinces her thirty-year-old daughter to impersonate her. A smart and revealing romp through Hollywood ageism.

by M Verant

An action-packed political thriller built on ruthlessly factual criticism of the Trump presidency. Critics say: “A relentless thriller….”
“Put aside Patterson, Baldacci, Nelson DeMille and Grisham and give Verant a look….”
“Terrifyingly plausible…”
“I raced to the ending.”

by Henry Hitz

An interconnected series of stories about animals full of heartwarming and humorous experience.

by Kacey Carpenter

A roller coaster ride through inspirational stories about the people who are bringing enthusiasm and hope, leading a new political revolution.

by Gini Graham Scott

A series of inspiring ideas and images originally published on Instagram.  “Don’t just think about it. Act!” and “Good thoughts lead the way to wise actions.”

by Gary Durbin

A software super geek becomes unexpectedly embroiled in a murder case when he is hired to investigate the software at a Bay Area tech firm, and must work with his lover to to contain a dangerous AI.

by Kristen Caven

A playful reimagining of Cinderella as a teen with body image issues and a modern dysfunctional family. A delightful gift for romantics, shoe-lovers, and drag fans.

A “Writerly Event” — August 2nd

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Open Mic for Members 800px-Gerry_Adams_reading_into_mic– Bring a Work in Progress

Details: Come to share orally part of a story, article, essay, memoir, or other prose. You will have a few minutes to read a section (depending on how many participate). Time will be allotted to accommodate as many people as possible. If you want to read, sign in when you arrive.

  • Plot problems?
  • Weak character?
  • Undeveloped scene?
  • Unenticing opening?
  • Unclear purpose in your nonfiction?
  • Other problems?

This is an opportunity to use a microphone and let other writers hear a part of your work. Listeners often hear problems in a work that the writer may miss. You can ask for feedback or not (your choice). If you want to read without feedback, that’s fine. If you choose to receive some feedback, you get to hear what listeners think works in your piece (positive feedback first), and what doesn’t (suggestions for improvement). The feedback is given in a supportive environment with other writers who are working to improve their writing.


Maybe you have a finished piece and you want to share a snippet of your success with us. That’s fine too.

When: Saturday, August 2

Where: Oakland Public Library – Main, 125 14th Street, Bradley C. Walters Community Room (same location as our 3rd Sunday meetings), entrance directly to meeting room from Madison Street

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Break time for mingling and refreshments

Hope to see you there!