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Ayodele Nzinga is Oakland’s First Poet Laureate

Our long-standing tradition of giving a member the mic before our keynote speaker helps us get to know what our colleagues are working on. Our 5+5+5 guidelines (5 minutes of backstory, 5 minutes to read, and 5 minutes of Q&A) help emerging writers polish their professional skills. Ayodele Nzinga will take the Member Spotlight before our January speaker, Kevin Fisher-Paulson. Get ...

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“A Reading in the Redwoods” & Open Mic with Ayodele Nzinga, 10/21/22

The third week of every October is California Writers Week, and this year our community event features Oakland's first Poet Laureate, Ayodele "Wordslanger" Nzinga, who accepted an honorary membership to the CWC at last year's historic celebration of California writers, From Ina to Ayodele. At that event, we celebrated the restoration of the water feature in the Woodminster Cascade, although ...

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