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Taking Your Book from Unknown Entity to Bestseller – A conversation on May 15, 2022

On May 15th, our annual book marketing panel will feature Quinn Ward (Six-Figure-Selling Author), Keri-Rae Barnum (Director of New Shelves Books), and Jane Ubell-Meyer (BedsideReading.com). The conversation will be moderated by Karma Bennett, Berkeley Branch president. Feel free to join for a chance to meet our panelists. Board Election this Sunday Members take note that this Sunday we ...

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Interview with our Race as Context Panelists

We're so excited to wrap up our 2020-2021 speaker series with a unique conversation between Alex Sato, Gabriel Campbell, Jhon Valdes Klinger, and Kim Shuck, moderated by member Ellen McBarnette. This diverse and talented group of writers and poets will share their perspectives on race as context, and inspire discussion and exploration for others. We sent them some questions and their answers were so fantastic we really would rather bind them up and publish them as a book. Below are just a few of the highlights.

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Race as Context: BIPOC California Writers on How Race Informs Writing—May 16th PANEL

We are so excited to wrap up our 2020-2021 speaker series with a unique opportunity for members to join in this timely discussion. Panelists are California BIPOC writers from many vantage points including:  A Millenial with his first complete manuscript. Authors with years of experience helping others in their craft. A recent award-winning MFA graduate newly arrived to Califo...

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March small press editors event

3/15 – PANEL DISCUSSION with Bay Area Small Press Editors

What's the difference between working with a small press and a large mainstream publisher? Should I submit my work to a small press? Do local publishers want local authors? Why pitch to a small press if I can be a small press? Learn about it in our panel discussion with small press editors.

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On Being a Working Writer: an Interview with Peggy Dougherty

This Sunday, we're hosting a panel on the working writer, to engage our members in conversation about finding balance and inspiration with our writing careers. In celebration of our final event in this year's speaker series, we have asked some questions of panelist Peggy Dougherty. Peggy is an award-winning playwright whose plays have had had thirty-eight productions. Her plays (all comedies) ...

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5/19 PANEL: "The Working Writer"

Meet the panelists who will be featured in our final event before the summer hiatus: "The Working Writer" The panel explores work life balance issues for professional writers. Our panel will feature three writers with different relationships to work. Thaddeus Howze makes a living with his writing. Paul Corman-Roberts makes a living doing something related to his writing. Peggy Dougherty, now retired, made a living doing something completely UNrelated to her writing. How do you make a living from your writing? This panel will guide writers at all stages of their career to find the best answer to that question. Click through to learn about our panelists and don't forget to RSVP on Facebook.

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Mini flyer for March 18th event: Get your book into book stores, learn about this and more at our Book Store Owners Panel.

See You Sunday! Bookstore Owners Panel

No one knows the book biz like the people who handle books every day. Come and hear what local bookstore owners have to say about their life behind the counter, in the stacks, reading the industry rags and catalogs catalogs catalogs. How does YOUR book fit in to the bookstore universe? Bring questions and be prepared to take lots of notes! Now here's President Kristen's column from this month's ...

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