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See You TOMORROW! End-of-year BOOK LAUNCH!

Our final meeting of the year will take place TOMORROW at 3pm at our Member Book Launch! Here is information on the event and links to purchase all the books! Thank you to Fred Dodsworth for emcee-ing the event... Welcome to new member, Jane Anne Staw, author of Small: The Little We Need for Happiness, who will be joining us last-minute... Say you are coming on Facebook HERE! Please ...

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Mini flyer for March 18th event: Get your book into book stores, learn about this and more at our Book Store Owners Panel.

See You Sunday! Bookstore Owners Panel

No one knows the book biz like the people who handle books every day. Come and hear what local bookstore owners have to say about their life behind the counter, in the stacks, reading the industry rags and catalogs catalogs catalogs. How does YOUR book fit in to the bookstore universe? Bring questions and be prepared to take lots of notes! Now here's President Kristen's column from this month's ...

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May 27: CWC Political Writers Sound Off

Join us May 27th at Laurel Bookstore for readings from the Berkeley CWC's finest political authors.

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