November 15th SPEAKER—”HONORING THE CREATIVE SELF” with Kevin Fisher-Paulson


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Kevin Fisher-Paulson talks about how to honor the creative self within everyone. As Kevin explains, everyone has an autobiography, but not everyone has a memoir. In this talk, Kevin talks about activities, not habits, that usher the individual through the creative door.


On November 15th, Kevin will talk about his book, A Song for Lost Angels, (out on November 1!) and how the artist must be honest and open and ready to leap, for the net will appear. Kevin says that even the worst day of your life is a path toward creativity, but that creativity, like happiness, must be practiced.


Karma BennettOur featured member is the wild-minded and wonderful blogger and publicist  Karma Bennett!

Meeting Schedule:

1-2 p.m. – Marketing Group meets
1:30 p.m. –Socializing
2 p.m. – Announcements
2:45 p.m. – CWC Writer Karma Bennett
3-4 p.m. –Kevin Fisher-Paulson

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MEMOIR WORKSHOP February 7th with Kevin Fisher-Paulson


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click to open or print flyer

Kevin Fisher-Paulson, the author of A Song for Lost Angels, will present a workshop on the art of memoir, or How-to-Tell-the- Truth-About-Your Life-and- Still-Keep-People-Reading. The author talks about the examined life, how he found himself and his meaning through telling his unique story to the world.

Practical techniques are discussed about “mining” one’s own life, and finding the voice, the words and the atmosphere to give it meaning.

Join us for this dynamic experience with Kevin, who will immediately make you feel at home and work closely with us to better our writing. While targeting memoir storytellers, these tools will be helpful to any author who has a story to tell, whether through fictionalized characters or our own lives.

Kevin Fisher-Paulson is the author of A Song for Lost Angels. He is also included in When Love Lasts Forever, by Pilgrim Press.

He has also produced theater work for the Next Wave Festival, Theater Rhinoceros, The National AIDS Theater Festival and written for the NPR Perspective Series. He studied writing at the University of Notre Dame, with continued coursework at the University of Iowa and the University of Oregon.

When not writing, Kevin serves as Captain of the Honor Guard for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.

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