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An Interview with Sunday's Speaker, Jacqueline Luckett

Jacqueline Luckett Gives Us a Preview on Writing Great Characters Grounded in Reality This Sunday in Preservation Park, Jacqueline Luckett will speak to the club on writing stronger characters. Luckett's two novels are Passing Love and Searching for Tina Turner, and she writes essays in the Huffington Post and Best Women’s Travel Writing 2011.

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Feb 18th: "Grounding Our Characters to the Real World" with Jacqueline Luckett

Our members have told us that want more opportunities to improve their craft, and we listened. on Sunday, February 18th, novelist Jacqueline Luckett will help us improve our character writing in her feature lecture, "Grounding Our Characters to the Real World." In the real world, we’re eager to learn as much as we can about the new people we meet. Readers should experience that same excitement when they’re introduced to a novel’s characters. At February's meeting, we'll look at a few ideas to keep readers interested and engaged in a character from the first pages of a novel to the last.

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