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“Grant Writing 101” with Susan Neufeld Paul on November 19th, 2023

Find the money that is looking for YOU. You may know how to write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction...but grant writing is an art in itself. Penning genre bestsellers isn't the only way to earn a living as a writer! The nonprofit philanthropic world knows that art is too often undervalued, and steps in to sustain artists and writers in pursuing their goals. Arts grants create visibility ...

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Grantwriting for Writers

More and More Funders Are Giving Support to Individuals Experienced Grant Strategist Denise Pate Shares Insider Tips on Winning Funding March 21st at 1 p.m. Historically-most grant support was given to nonprofit organizations. Denise Pate manages the Oakland’s Cultural Funding Program, one of the few places where INDIVIDUALS can find support for their work. She is part of the growing ...

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