“Story Telling Crossover” with Chris Hennessy on November 20th, 2022

Incorporating video into your writing projects

Attendees of this event will learn:

The How and Why of incorporating film & video into your writing projects—

  • How your writing skills can help you craft an award-winning film;
  • How to make quality film/video projects at little or no cost;
  • How to use film/video to get a book deal with a traditional publisher;
  • How to pre-promote your book during writing to create buzz. (e.g., get published in newspaper, miscellaneous publications, TV news appearances); and
  • How to employ unique, simple, stand-out social-media marketing tips to get known.

Hennessey may also talk about making your book into a feature film (on the traditional big screen or screening platforms), and how to motivate yourself, your team, and your readers to create/write/perform at your best.

About Chris Hennessy

Chris Hennessy has resided in Northern CA as an independent filmmaker, TV Producer, author, and speaker since 1990. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento branch of the CWC.

Hennessy’s cable TV show, Yolo YoYo’s, won, ‘Best New TV Series 2019,’ Sac 17/18. The episode ‘The Stage; Following our Wildest Dreams!’ won, ‘Best Narrative Episode,’ at the 2022 ACM Western Region WAVE Cable TV Awards.

Chris and daughter, Hannah

Battling prostate cancer in his lungs since 2009, Chris has decided that “Instead of sulking, (he’s) busy achieving (his) potential.” His 3500-word memoir, ‘This is What I just Went Through’ will be published early in 2023. He is also writing a memoir – Touched by Hannah – about a man with cancer (Hennessy), his 1 lb. newborn Hannah, and their fight for life. ‘Miracles,’ a promotional film for ‘Touched by Hannah’ took a ‘Film Heals’ award at the 2022 Manhattan Film Festival in NYC. The festival has been known as a place to celebrate filmmakers who use film to promote peace, humanity, and inspiration.

Recently, Hennessy wrote and had 6 articles published in local newspapers, and has written/produced 4 award-winning films since October 2021. He is now working on a screenplay for Netflix alongside sharing his story about battling cancer.

Event Schedule

$5 for members, $10 for guests, free tickets available*


12:00 Club leaders check-in
12:30 Welcome and networking with members & guests


1:00 p.m. Club Announcements
1:30 p.m. Member Spotlight: Kathleen Orozco
1:45 p.m. Featured Speaker: Chris Hennesy
2:30 p.m. Book Sales & Networking

Tickets include admission to our online craft and marketing support groups, now meeting Thursdays. more info here.

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*Virginia Prentiss Equity Fund donors and emerging writers in need of a boost, please use the promo code ‘VP’ at checkout for a free ticket. Learn more.

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