Write Angles is now in concise, targeted nuggets

In an effort to meet our members needs as conveniently as possible, we have converted our monthly newsletter into short-form emails that deliver the previous sections of the monthly newsletter as discrete weekly emails. This way you get news faster, and you can read just the sections that interest you.

Regular features include Club Events, Member News, presidential missives and much more. There’s a link to job postings, to member perks, and to other branch newsletters. Our regular columns, “The Writers Life” and “Open Mic” allow our members to share both writing advice and fresh poetry, prose, or articles.

We include events in every week’s email, so as to get them to you as soon as possible. 

Second Thursday Nugget – Home Base, Member News and the State of Things

Home Base – Upcoming & Past club events (the long pitch)

Member News – volunteer shout-outs, appearances, book launches, awards, book reviews, new members, etc. To submit Member News send ONE PARAGRAPH + link and photo.  What, when, why, where, who! 

The State of Things  – news from other CWC branches around the state

Third Thursday Nugget – Open Mic 

Open Mic – Writing by our members. Short stories,essays, excerpts with a link, poetry, cartoons, etc. (500 words max).

Fourth Thursday Nugget – The Writing Life

The Writing Life – articles from members about craft, business, opportunities, or writing advice – 500 WORD excerpt + a link to web page or article. (if your article is longer than 500 words and you don’t have a place for it online, we may be willing to post it in full on our website.)

Submit to Write Angles

Submissions to Write Angles should be sent by members only to and be in a ready-for-publication format with a byline and contact information. Tuesday at noon is the deadline for Nuggets that go out the following Thursday. Please write the name of the section this is for in the Subject line (e.g. Member News or The Writing Life).

If you have an event to share, using the following formatting will assist us in getting it out as soon as possible:

Month Date Time Title

featuring [Speaker Name]

Cost. Sign up [link]. For more info see [link] for more details

That’s all we need to get your event in next week’s Nugget. Include an additional paragraph with a description for the Member News section, but keep in mind that goes out only once a month so get your events to us as soon as possible.

Archive of Write Angles

Previous issues

Check out more back issues

Even farther back

The classics on Scribd

The Literary Review

The Literary Review is a member benefit created by members throughout the state to showcase their writing, and mailed to all 1500 (or so) members on publication.
With categories for everything from fiction and nonfiction to poetry, essay and even cartoons, all members should check the submissions page and watch for announcements calling for submissions.


The Bulletin

The quarterly newsletter of the statewide club. Click here for more information.

Archive of the Lofthouse Marketing Blog

Years ago CWC member Lloyd Lofthouse wrote a The CWC Marketing Blog for us. Though no longer updated, it lists wonderful resources for our members who are marketing their books and marketing themselves.

For more on marketing your books and raising your platform, see our marketing success group on the Groups page.