Monthly Speaker Programs

At ConneXionJLP in Jack London Place,
520 Third St. #109, Oakland

(Near the Jack London Square Theater.)

Entrances on both Third and Fourth Streets. ADA accessible entrance on Fourth. Buzz for entry!

ConneXion is a 13-minute walk from City Center BART, and there is parking on the street and in the garage by the movie theater. 

Third Sundays (except June & July)

  • 12 p.m. Doors Open for Author Support Group*, Socializing.
  • 1 p.m. Marketing Group* meets
  • 2 p.m. Club Business, Announcements, Book Sales, Break
  • 3 p.m. CWC Featured Writer
  • 3:15-4 p.m. Special Guest Speaker
    * Guests may visit any of our author support groups once before joining.

 See speakers/past speakers.

Workshops (Fee) & Planning Retreat

Independence Plaza, 703 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda (94501)

NOTE: You cannot reach this location from Webster Street; approach from Constitution Way. 

From Cities to the North, take I-80 West to I-880 South and take the Broadway exit. Turn right at the light onto 5th Street. Stay on 5th Street following the signs to Alameda. Go through the Webster Street Tunnel (Tube) to Alameda. See in Alameda below.

From Cities to the South, take I-880 North. Exit at Broadway in Oakland. Turn right on Broadway, right on 7th Street, and right on Webster. Go through the Webster Street Tunnel (Tube) to Alameda. See in Alameda below.

From Walnut Creek, take Highway 24 West to I-980, towards downtown Oakland. Exit at 12th/11th Streets. Continue on Brush Street to 5th Street. Turn left on 5th Street and stay in the left lanes, following the signs to Alameda. Go through the Webster Street Tunnel (Tube) to Alameda. See in Alameda below.

Directions in Alameda:

Please Note: Name of complex and address are not visible from road. Can be seen only upon entering parking lot.

To reach Independence Plaza coming out of tube/tunnel from Oakland, follow these directions. Immediately after exiting tube, there is a fork. Take the left fork and, as soon as possible, get in right hand lane. At second light, turn right on Atlantic Avenue. Turn right again (about 200–300 feet) into parking lot.

To reach Independence Plaza from other parts of Alameda, take Lincoln Avenue heading towards Oakland. Turn off Lincoln Avenue onto Constitution Way. At Atlantic Avenue, turn left from right hand lane. Turn right (about 200–300 feet) into parking lot.


Parking is available in Independence Plaza parking lot. Parking is also available across the street against the wall in small shopping center (with Walgreens and Starbucks). This parking lot can be accessed from Constitution Way or Webster Street. Due to median strip in center of road, people must cross at signal lights on either end of block.

Annual Picnic

Joaquin Miller Park (Fire Circle)

Visit www.oaklandnet.com/joaquin miller park, birthplace of the CWC.

Last Saturday in July (typically).

Other Events

Contest Awards,  Support/Critique  Groups, Poetry Readings, and other special events

All other gatherings are held at different locations in the inner East Bay.   Check website for details, writing resources, and links to other CWC branches.

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