• An event at 2727 California Street

We’re Leading the Poetry Express Open Mic February 20th

Sponsored by the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club, Poetry Express is back in Berkeley! Come on out to 2727 California Street in south Berkeley to hear open mic poetry. 2727 California Street is a multi-use event space and cooperative art gallery. The open mic readers will be surrounded by paintings as they express their poetry to the audience.

Mark States founded Poetry Express in 2002. While held at various venues throughout Berkeley (and one time in Oakland), Poetry Express was (and aspires to be in the future) a staple of the Bay Area literary scene.

The Poetry Express Vision

To be a place where more experienced poets mingle with local residents, inspiring them to take up pen & express themselves artistically. A place where the wanderer is free to share a personal story or political thought, a place to share without fear of argument or discouragement.

On February 20th,
be a part of the dynamic Bay Area literary scene
at 2727 California Street.

There will be a Poetry Express Open Mic
on the third Tuesday of every month.

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Do you need to write or revise your poems before this event? Come to the OMCA write-in this Saturday.

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