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Active Members of the California Writers Club, Berkeley Branch (published writers, authors, poets and qualified bloggers) are listed here with links to their work. Members may request a posting be added via the form at

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JoAnn Smith Ainsworth head shotJoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Matilda’s SongOut of the Dark Polite Enemies The Farmer and the Wood NymphExpect TroubleExpect DeceptionExpect Betrayal

“Ainsworth has penned a riveting story full of mysticism, intrigue, and nail-biting suspense.” Affaire de Coeur Review Magazine


Karen Arlen photo Karen Arlen

They Came Singing: Songs from California’s History (book & CD) • Days of Gold! Songs of the California Gold Rush (book & CD) • Tutokanula: A Yosemite Legend (Musical Historical Play & CD)

I am co-author and publisher of books, CDs and plays on California History Through Song. These are of particular interest to educators, musicians and historians.



John Byrne BarryBarry

When I Killed My Father: An Assisted Suicide Family Thriller
Bones in the Wash: Politics is Tough. Family is Tougher • Wasted: Murder in the Recycle Berkeley Yard

I write “page-turners with a conscience” — entertaining novels that move with the pace of a thriller, but with three-dimensional characters, a believable plot, and a whiff of literary merit.



Bellucci photo Lucille Bellucci

The Year of the Rat • Journey From Shanghai • Stone of Heaven • The Snake Woman of Ipanema • A Rare Passion • Pastiche: Stories and Such • Farrago: More Stories • Meow’s Way (FREE!) • Meow’s Way Redux

Lucille’s short stories and essays have won eight first-place awards.



Sheryl Bize-Boutte photo

Sheryl J. Bize Boutte

Books: A Dollar Five: Stories From A Baby Boomer’s Ongoing JourneyA Kiss Under The MistletoeThe Dog With The Old SoulAll That and More’s WeddingRunning For The 2:10 – More Stories From a Baby Boomer’s Ongoing JourneyTalking In Class blog

“Full of such imagery I felt I had been there.” — Publisher’s Weekly.



Gurnam BrardGurnam S. Brard

East of Indus

“Dr. Brard is a masterful raconteur and very knowledgeable about the social, cultural, religious and political factors affecting life in India.”—Dr. R. Cardin, Newport Beach, CA



Kacey CarpenterKacey Carpenter Photo

My Journey with Bernie

A roller-coaster ride and personal story and lessons learned from people he met during the 2016 Presidential campaign, at caucuses and primaries, and conventions.    



kristen caven headshotKristen Caven

The Vesuvian Affair • The Souls of Her Feet – book & musical •  Perfectly Revolting: My Glamorous Cartooning Career  • The Reason She Left and Other Stories  • Sammy Sperm’s Guide to Safe Sex • The Bullying AntidoteThe Winning FamilyOn the Wings of Self-Esteem (with Dr. Louise Hart)

“Kristen Caven brings the disciplined imagination of a thousand ballerinas and the incisive wit of a Gary Larson to her graphic essays on life, love, education, and the real meaning of everything.” —Libby Comeaux


Alysa ChadowScreen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.20.42 PM

Portrait of a Traveler in TWO PLUS FOUR EQUALS ONE: Celebrating the Relationship Between People With Disabilities and Their Service Animals  • A Particular Dog in Norway (poem) in KALEIDOSCOPE Magazine, Summer/Fall 2011

I’m a poet and a storyteller who’s always on the move for a new way to say things about things dog and disability.


Ralph Dranow

Poetry books:  A New Life • Love in Unexpected Places • Tenderloin Voices • Green Leaves for Hair • Sunday Ritual • The Woman Who Knocked Out Sugar Ray, a collection of short stories

The mystery and wonder that lie just beneath the surface of our everyday lives.


Gary Durbin

Nano-Uncertainty brings to life the strange world of high-tech in the Bay Area, while presenting the real danger of an unconstrained artificial intelligence.

“…will delight both thriller fans and sci-fi lovers.”


Keith Mark Gaboury

Hello Universe LoversOakland, I’m Not Dead

“Hello Universe Lovers is a time-bending journey into the ‘unmapped atmosphere’ where the ‘cosmos is alive.'” — Jennifer K. Sweeney


30115729Henry Hitz

White Knight, or how one man came to believe that he was the one who caused the San Francisco City Hall killings and the Jonestown Massacre

ʺA powerful tale set in San Francisco during the turbulent late ‘70s…An elegant debut novel.”— Clifford Irving, author of Final Argument and Trial




Page from a Tennessee Journal •  Paris Noire • The Sisterhood Hyphen

(Photo by Barbara Vail.)

ʺRemarkable…as suspenseful as it is rich in detail.ʺ  — USA Today


Penn Hughes

Back to Oakland, a novel of diverse lives interweaving along Lake Merritt.

“…engaging, moving, enlightening, fun to read…” -Martin Nicolaus

“Sensitive portrayal of character…” -Wilma L. Espinosa


kymberlie-ingallsKymberlie Ingalls

My Blog BookBridges

A pioneer in blogging, having self-published online since 1997. Works include personal essay, prose, short fictional stories, and a memoir in progress. Beware of the occasional falling opinions.



Tim Jollymore photoTim Jollymore

Listener in the Snow • Observation Hill, a novel of class and murder • The Advent of Elizabeth

Readers’ Favorites, “This is elegant storytelling that packs a punch.”




BobbieTales@gmail_BobbieKinkead.112KBBobbie Kinkead

Rhyonna’s Fright  – a Faery Tale

“…it was empathizing, it felt deeply from the heart. What a wonderful achievement!” Linda Wall, Librarian and Storyteller




Lily MacKenzie photoLily Iona MacKenzie

Novels: Freefall: A Divine Comedy • Fling! • Curva Peligrosa • 
Poetry Collections: All This & No More Kings • blog for writers and readers

FREEFALL draws you in, shakes you up, and spits you out, more aware of the world than you might have consciously been bargaining for.


Randall McNairRandall McNair photo

McNair’s work has been published in both American and Canadian literary journals.  See McNairPoet.

Poet Laureate of the Absurd


Sue Mote

Hmong and American


Leena Prasad

iT felt Like A kiss: glimpses of art in the Mission District of San Francisco • not exactly haiku

I write because, well, I don’t remember a time when I was not a writer…


Cindy Rasicot PhotoCindy Rasicot

Finding Venerable Mother: A Daughter’s Spiritual Quest to Thailand

A soulful and engaging memoir that reminds readers when we go forward with a truly open heart, faith, forgiveness, and love are possible.




Suzann Panek Robins photo Suzann Panek Robins

Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition. Also chapters in several others.

After teaching psychology and practicing Yoga and Tai Chi for several years, this book just flowed from my fingers.


janatburgerbugalooJan Steckel

Like Flesh Covers BoneThe Horizontal Poet • Mixing TracksThe Underwater Hospital

“A retired pediatrician, Steckel is unflinchingly accurate, whether describing an erotic scene or vascular surgery… These poems are much more than scientific renderings of the body: They are stories about people loving, aging, getting sick, being born, and dying, and they are compassionately and eloquently told.” – Lucille Lang Day, author of 13 poetry collections, a children’s book, a textbook, and a PEN-literary-award-winning memoir.


Terry Tierney

The Poet’s Garage , Lucky Ride (preorder)

[Tierney’s] language is pared back but also beautifully cadenced, placing [him] in a line with poets of the order of James Wright, Richard Hugo and B H Fairchild. Like them, his work appears to be largely autobiographical but with a mythic, elegiac sweep that incorporates classic American motifs and themes. –Review of The Poet’s Garage by Mark David Williams in The Lake 


Ami Urban

The RabidThe Rabid: Addendum

“Romance, adventure, danger and passion. Readers will love Ami.” -Leigh Bridger, author of Soul Catcher


Christine Headshot_300 (1)Christine Volker

Venetian Blood: Murder in a Sensuous City

“A riveting whodunit that makes full use of its dramatic setting.”Kirkus Reviews

Photo by Ben Krantz.




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