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Karma Bennett


Subversas — Subversas is in search of ideas and culture that are skimming beneath the surface, the whispers on the edge of the zeitgeist. They are accepting contributions.


Sheryl Bize-Boutte photoSheryl J. Bize Boutte

Talking In Class


Kristen Caven

Kristen Caven headshotThe Zorgos Reader – an online companion to The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life

Life in the Fast Brain – mom and a teen are both wired for speed at ADDitude Magazine and Awesomeness Development & Happiness Directive

Wandering Pie  – the peripatetic ponderings of one wondering woman

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thaddeusThaddeus Howze

Author | Futurist | Consultant | Lecturer | Activist

Thaddeus Howze’s blogs at Quora, Huffpost, The Good Men Project, on Medium, Patreon and a panoply of other places. He is the author of several books and hosts a climate emergency podcast.


Kymberlie Ingalls

Kymberlie Ingalls photoWriter of the Storm – storms of life are what define us – brilliant colors and shades of gray

Stories in the Key of Me – flirting with memoir, prose and flash fiction – sharing neurotic moments for a laugh – A gathering of the news, events and stories from all around the SF Bay Area


Bobbie Kinkead

BobbieTales@gmail_BobbieKinkead.112KBStory Realms – connecting, writing and art, storytelling

Bobbie’s Story Portfolio – art shows, slide shows, pictures from books

Blob, Blob, and Blogging – How to write and edit a story!


Laurie-panther-360pxLaurie Panther

Mixed Girl Survival School – Knowledge and wisdom about breaking the cycle of trauma, delivering strategies and proof that it is possible to over-come these issues and end the trans-generation transmission of negative and hurtful behaviors.


 Ami Urban

– Political commentary blog.


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