October 1 Workshop: Radio Days with Barry Boland

click here to download flyerBack by popular demand! Radio personality Barry Boland talks about how writers can provide free content for the media by promoting their books.

“Your voice is like a book jacket,” says Boland, and listeners will form a rapid impression of you and your work within a few minutes. This workshop will help you understand the medium, and improve your vocal delivery and chances for success.

During this workshop you will learn how to mark copy, and you will
simulate interviews. You will also learn on-air etiquette: what NOT to do, and the two things you must do once off-air.

Barry Boland, learned the basics of radio at KUSP-FM station (NPR) Santa Cruz, CA.  He hosted jazz, classical music, and public affairs programs.  He created,
produced, and booked guests and authors on a show called, “About Men.”  On KSCO-AM in Santa Cruz, he hosted a morning drive time broadcast.  On KBOQ-FM in Monterey, he hosted an evening program of classical music.

This is a repeat of a workshop that was widely attended last year – come get skills that every writer should know!

Barry Boland flyers 10-2-11

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