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Our long-standing tradition of giving a member the mic before our keynote speaker gives us a glimpse at what our colleagues are working on. Our 5+5+5 guidelines (5 minutes of backstory, 5 minutes to read, and 5 minutes of Q&A) help emerging writers polish their professional skills.

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Jordan Pastor is a self-published psychological adventure thriller fiction author, poet, and seasonal music journalist for the Eurovision Song Contest. He is the author of the novels Never Say Forgotten, Never Say Forgiven, and Red Elk. His recently published projects include the romance novelette Sunsets Near and Far, as well as his first poetry collection, titled Jackpot.

Jordan has a particular fascination with anthropology, especially in regard to popular music from around the world and how it relates to respective culture dynamics. He is driven by curiosity, and spends many restless nights with his fiction and poetry in the months of June through November. From December until May, he is a contributor to the website where he writes articles, speaks in live streams, conducts interviews, and discusses a plethora of topics regarding the Eurovision Song Contest. Jordan is a mass consumer of music from around the world, both popular and traditional. With this in mind, do not hesitate to share any music with him! He always craves something new to listen to, which truly means everything. He believes that the fastest ways to immerse yourself in a new culture is by learning to fall in love with its food and music. He is a speaker of English, French, Swedish, and Italian. 

Jordan also sees himself as a representative of both LGBTQ+ and Filipino youth in the world of writing, and is excited to share some uncommon stories from his own cultures. He writes in the psychological thriller genre primarily, and is hoping to branch out into other disciplines with his upcoming works. At the moment, he is particularly fascinated with books that reveal ancient shamanic wisdom from a variety of past cultures, especially if they contain direct lectures from shamans. 

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Jordan says:

“The most important piece of advice I could give to another writer is that you should trust this part of yourself. Who you are as a writer could be completely different from who you are in the physical world, so do not be afraid to make space for your words. When you dive in and get familiar with the dark obscurity, you’ll truly be surprised how many things you are able to bring into light. Keep moving forward, word after word. You were given this ability for a reason. 

We asked Jordan what he’d like to get out of the club and he said, “…Many things…First of all, I would love to read my co-members work in everything they write: poetry, fiction and nonfiction! I would also like to know more about book marketing and the publishing industry, submitting to lit journals, how to structure a blog, etc. I think there is so much I can learn and experience just with the friends I’m making here.”

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IG: @jordan_nsf

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