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Deep Revision with Laurel Yourke

Join is January 17th when author and award-winning writing professor Dr. Laurel Yourke will show us her deep revision techniques.

“’Vision’ is the heart of revision—it’s not just polishing or substituting one word for another.,” Yourke says. “Instead, look at revision as viewing at your own words in a completely new way: re-envisioning them.” Yourke will organize her keynote around these five steps:

  1. What is the essence of your story, poem, or book?
  2. What is deep structure, and how can you use it to diagnose?
  3. What issues do you want to tackle, and how will you approach this process?
  4. What’s the relationship between author, narrator, characters, and reader?
  5. What’s needed for that final polish?

View revision through the lens of exploration, and it becomes an exciting challenge to transform your project into everything you hoped it would be. January 17th Dr. Yourke will share her secrets; join as well for marketing and craft support meetings. Before Dr. Yourke speaks, we will hear a brief selection from our featured member

About Dr. Laurel Yourke

Dr. Laurel Yourke, who has received two teaching awards, recently published Beyond the First Draft: Deep Novel Revision. Earlier publications include Take Your Characters to Dinner (on the craft of fiction) and Waiting for Beethoven (a poetry collection). During her career at UW—Madison Continuing Studies, she taught students from eight to eighty, presenting at Writer’s Institute, Write by the Lake, School of the Arts, Wisconsin Book Festival, College Week for Kids, and Elderhostel. Her speaking engagements across Wisconsin ranged from writing and revising fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; to immigrant literature, science fiction, and Jane Austen. Since retirement, she privately offers three critique groups along with Weekenders and week-long summer workshops. Currently, she is shopping a novel and working with writers via Zoom. Learn more at WymacPublishing.com.


Admission is $5 for members, $10 for non-members. Hardship pricing is available.

12:00 Club leaders check-in
12:30 Networking in breakout rooms with members & guests

Featured Speakers

1:00 Announcements
1:30 Featured Member Jane Glendinning
1:45 Keynote Speaker Emily Cotler
2:30 Book Sales & Networking

Support Groups

3:00 – 4:00 Marketing Success Group*
4:00 – 5:00 Craft Group
*members only; guests may sit in

See meetings for more info.

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