“Ink Flow and Focus” with Bronwyn Emery on October 15th, 2023

The Secret to Productive Writing Sessions

Writing in the company of other writers can have unexpected and extraordinary results, including the banishment of procrastination, the silencing of the inner editor, and the elimination of that hesitancy that hits when it’s time to work on a challenging passage. The prevailing belief is that it takes isolation and insulation to produce great work and high word counts, but Bronwyn Emery has discovered that writers who share writing space surprise themselves with how effective drafting off the energy of other writers can be. Time after time, they find focus and flow faster, maintain it longer, and return to it more easily than when they’re alone. Goals set within earshot of other writers tend to fly by, achieved and surpassed with comforting regularity. Can it really be this easy? 

About Bronwyn Emery

Bronwyn Emery is the founder and facilitator of To Live & Write in Alameda, a writing community anchored in the San Francisco Bay Area but open to writers from far and wide. She is a writing and creativity coach who focuses on habit, practice, and turning the dream of writing into reality. It’s her job to stay ahead of the writers and develop opportunities for each one to start writing, keep writing, and stretch their skills. To this end, she hosts a variety of events and activities, labs, workshops, and retreats designed to keep members writing and sharing their work.

Event Schedule

$5 for members, $10 for guests, free tickets available*


12:00 Club leaders check-in
12:30 Welcome and networking with members & guests


1:00 p.m. Club Announcements
1:30 p.m. Member Spotlight: Sandy Bliss
1:45 p.m. Featured Speaker: Bronwyn Emery
2:30 p.m. Book Sales & Networking

Tickets include admission to our online craft and marketing support groups, now meeting Thursdays. more info here.

See meetings for more info.

*Virginia Prentiss Equity Fund donors and emerging writers in need of a boost, please use the promo code ‘VP’ at checkout for a free ticket. Learn more.

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