“Hiring a Virtual Assistant” with Mia Borja on February 18th, 2024

How 10 Hours a Month Will Change Your Career (and Your Life)

As a writer’s business grows, so do the overwhelming number of tasks. Any writer who is struggling with productivity will find something interesting in Mia Borja’s talk on how a VA can help make their lives easier and more productive. If you are a writer who struggles with:

  • Managing submissions to literary journals and contestsSocial media & marketingCreating artwork & imagesCreating and keeping your website up to dateChoosing and learning how to use project management tools, or
  • The thousand miscellaneous tasks that arise as you gain and maintain momentum 

You’re going to want to hear what Mia has to say.Every writer has unique needs, but Mia will give an overview of the process of finding the ideal VA. She will also cover:

  • What a VA can do: examples to type of work they can handle
  • Types of VAs: brief overview of the industry
  • How to find a VA: what to ask when meeting potential VAs
  • Costs associated with hiring a VA: U.S. versus overseas VAs
  • Smart tips + resources: downloadable tip sheet

There will be a Q&A opportunity to ask Mia any questions you may have about finding the ideal fit and next steps to take.

About Mia Borja

With a background in C-Suite business administration, Mia launched a virtual assistant business back in 2007 when her kids were little meatballs and she needed a steady income with a flexible schedule.

She learned how to develop an online presence and attract ideal clients using a website, social media, and content marketing — enabling her to show other business owners how to do the same.

Her unique selling proposition is combining her expertise as a Senior Executive Assistant with her ability to craft a thriving online presence that generates brand awareness and white hot leads. Which in writer language means readers!

Event Schedule

$5 for members, $10 for guests, free tickets available*


12:00 Club leaders check-in
12:30 Welcome and networking with members & guests


1:00 p.m. Club Announcements & Annual Officer Elections
1:30 p.m. Member Spotlight: Diane Swan
1:45 p.m. Featured Speaker: Mia Borja
2:30 p.m. Conversation
3:00 p.m. Author Support Group more info here.

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