Happy Jack London’s Birthday!

Dear CWC-BB Members,
       Happy Jack London’s birthday! In the most recent edition of Write Angles, the calendar lists his birthday incorrectly. I wanted to make sure everyone knows that Jack London was born on January 12. Thank you, Linda Brown, for catching that error and setting us straight.
       While I’ve got your attention…be sure to come to our next meeting on Sunday, January 20, the first of 2013. In addition to our featured speaker, David Mitroff, who will speak to us on leveraging technology, we’ll also hear from our own vice-president, Kymberlie Ingalls, who will read excerpts from her blog. Lucille Bellucci will announce the winners of our holiday luncheon writing exercise based on the Bulwer-Lytton contest for the best awful writing. And Lynne Fix will present Write Angles’s Monthly Writers’ Contest winner for December, Mary Luersen, with a mysterious fabulous prize.
       And remember to bring money to buy a raffle ticket to support the Fifth Grade Story Contest! The prize table is covered with books and other wonderful items. But you won’t find out what they are unless you come to the meeting…
       See you the Sunday after tomorrow,
       Tanya Grove
       President, CWC-Berkeley Branch

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