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You must submit a suggested title, or the form won't take and you'll need to enter your answers all over again! We suggest adding a hook to your name to give those who don't know you a hint about what you write about. e.g. "Interview with Creepy Horror Writer Edgar Poe". Note that our titles are capitalized, not sentence-style.


1-3 paragraphs, IN THIRD PERSON.

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Include a link to your website or blog, if you have one, and any other links such as where to download free review copies or participate in any engagement activities.

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Interview Questions

You don't need to answer every question! Just those that appeal to you. We will select the best replies.

What’s the most important piece of writing advice that you could give to other writers?

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What one thing has helped promote your writing most?

What are your writing habits? (time, location, environment, motivation)

What other writers inspire you?

How long have you been part of CWC, and what does membership mean to you?

What other things would you like people to know about you - writings, passions, etc?

How to you manage your writing life?

Club Engagement

We aim to help our members connect with one another. The following questions are to help our members identify the best reasons to reach out and get to know you. Please include one paragraph that includes answers to any of these questions. It is fine to simply list the bullet points that interest you, in paragraph form.


  • How would you like to network with other writers? Here are some ideas:
    1. Guest blogs (writing)
    2. Guest blogs (receiving for your site)
    3. Write-in buddies
    4. Providing mentorship
    5. Receiving mentorship
    6. Getting together to send out submissions
    7. Critique groups
    8. Attending literary performances
    9. Editorial review exchange 
    10. Promoting each others’ works
    11. Meeting other writers in your genre
    12. Meeting writers who work in your industry
    13. Meeting writers who share your hobby

    It’s OK to think outside the box on this; if you would like to find other writers who are interested in yoga, movie nights, or other non-literary pursuits, let us know. Also, if your interest is more specific, please specify (e.g., critique groups, you might add “sci-fi only,” or at literary performances, “poetry slams.”).