Anne Fox PAGE ONE Writing Contest


(CWC-BB Sponsored)

 Anne Fox, a prolific author of award-winning short stories, and a long-time member of the Berkeley branch of the California Writers Club, passed away in October of 2020.  Her generosity and devotion to mentoring her fellow writers was unparalleled.  Anne’s expertise at identifying  individuals imbued with the art of writing—an innate ability—but who lacked skills in the craft of writing defined her unique critique style. She was particularly skilled at spotting writers with strong publishing potential after reading only the first page of their submission.  Page One.

  To honor Anne’s contributions to the California Writers’ Club, Berkeley Branch, our Board of Directors has approved a writing contest solely for members of this club.  Though particulars are still in the planning stages, the contest committee would like to give the membership a heads-up about this opportunity to have our works showcased.  Here are the preliminary particulars.

Submission Guidelines

The first page—PAGE ONE—from any work of fiction, non-fiction, or short story.  No poetry, screen plays, or scripts. (Anne was not versed in judging these areas.)  The page must be formatted as follows:  l2-point Times New Roman, double spaced, 1” margins, word count not to exceed 300 even if it means stopping mid-sentence, with a proper header (author last name, shortened title of work).

Eligibility:  Submissions from current members of the CWC-BB. This includes members who hold dual membership as long as they are also members of the Berkeley branch of the California Writers Club.  Non-members, and CWC members of other branches who are NOT Berkeley branch members are ineligible at this time.  This contest is for Berkeley branch members only.  Judges are ineligible for submissions.

Judging Criteria:  A three-person panel of individuals with expertise in recognizing the elements of a page-turning first page, and who can spot craft errors will comprise the judging panel. Submissions will not be critiqued by the judges nor will they be returned to the entrant.

Fee:  On this first year of the Anne Fox PAGE ONE Writing Contest, no fee will be charged the entrants.

To enter the contest, email your single-page submission as an attachment to Editor Kymberlie Ingalls will scrub attachments of names and and emails so the judges won’t be biased by familiarity with the entrants. Please include your name, so we know what to call you when you win… Kymberlie will remove names from submissions for the judges.


Three prizes will be awarded.  The FIRST PRIZE winner will receive $250.  SECOND PRIZE winner will receive $125. THIRD PRIZE winner will receive a renewal membership to the CWC-BB.  All winners will have their works widely disseminated by our branch.

When Is the Contest

The contest is tentatively scheduled to open for submissions  June 14, 2021, closing August 14, 2021. Judging concluded by Oct 1, 2021.  Entrants will Not be notified of the winning submissions until the awards ceremony in December 2021.  


Contact Francine Thomas Howard:

We look forward to hearing from you on this opportunity to showcase and be rewarded for your talents.

– Francine Thomas Howard, Chair, Contest Committee