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“Editing Your Manuscript” with Ericka McIntyre

The Whys, Whats, and Hows

In this talk, freelance editor and former Writer’s Digest Editor-in-Chief Ericka McIntyre will explain to authors what the different types of editing are, when and why you need each for your work, and how to find quality editors. She’ll also talk about the types of editing you can potentially do yourself and those that you should always seek professional help with. Self-publishers will get insights on why professional editing is critical to their success, and how to work it into their process. Writers who plan to seek an agent for their work will also benefit from editing before querying their work.

About Ericka McIntyre

Ericka McIntyre is a freelance editor and book coach. She has over twenty years of experience working in media and publishing, including being the Editor-in-Chief and then Editor-at Large of Writer’s Digest, a 103-year-old brand serving the writing community. In her current work, she focuses on editing and book coaching for both independent authors and those who plan to publish traditionally. She works on fiction and nonfiction, across multiple genres, with specialties in memoir, thrillers, literary fiction, and historical fiction. She development edits, line edits, copyedits, and proofreads. She also offers publishing consulting services.

Event Schedule

$5 for members, $10 for guests, free tickets available*


12:00 Club leaders check-in
12:30 Welcome and networking with members & guests


1:00 p.m. Club Announcements
1:30 p.m. Member Spotlight: Kenneth Lipman
1:45 p.m. Featured Speaker:
Ericka McIntyre
2:30 p.m. Book Sales & Networking

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