Honor the Earth with Sustainable Storytelling & Literary Action 4/24/22

Join us April 24th for a festival of outdoor lit in Joaquin Miller Park!

Our April meeting will be set among a day full of springtime activities and networking. All events are free except the meeting/speaker series, for which we ask that you purchase a ticket. (Free tickets are available for those who need them.

10-12 p.m. Earth Day in the Park

Come work with Friends of Joaquin Miller Park featuring a CWC Wolf-Pack write-in. Dale Risden, president of Friends of Joaquin Miller Park will give an overview of the state of the trees in the Oakland Hills, providing focus points for literary and physical action. Participants can choose to:

  • write letters advocating restoration of the Cascade or other needs of nature,
  • grab some gloves and pull out invasive species
  • tune in to the “minister of the woods” and free write among the Oaks and Redwoods.

12-1 p.m. BYOBOC (Bring your own Basket of Chow) / “Joaquin Miller Went Walkin”

Bring a picnic lunch and socialize with other writers, OR participate in a lively and fun family-friendly activity that includes singing and drawing. LOCATION

1-2 p.m. CWC Meeting & Speaker Series

“Sustainable Storytelling” – our April meeting and Speaker series featuring Writer in Residence Kristen Caven, offering psychological resilience hacks for your characters—and yourself! LOCATION | REGISTER

2:30-3 p.m. “A Breath of Fresh Air”

An open mic among the Redwoods. LOCATION

Bring a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat, a picnic lunch, walking shoes, and your writing stuff. We look forward to being together!

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