Concise Archive of CWC Berkeley Events

Get Hooked on a Local Author at the CWC Annual Book Launch—6/19/20

Race as Context: BIPOC California Writers on How Race Informs Writing—May 16th PANEL

Learn WordPress: a Workshop with Karma Bennett

April 18th Join Emily Cotler on Author Websites that Really Work

How to Submit Your Poetry—a Workshop with Keith Mark Gaboury

Grantwriting for Writers

An Interview with Sage Cohen, Keynote Speaker

Focus and Finish the Writing that Matters with Sage Cohen

Deep Revision with Laurel Yourke

Cracking Open The Poetic Voice: a Workshop with Paul Corman-Roberts

Winter Social Will Have More than Talking Heads

Get Known Everywhere for Authors featuring Jill Lublin: November 15th

The Amazing Life of Feisty Ina Coolbrith, America’s First Poet Laurate – October 18th

Finding & Working with an Agent with Literary Agent Andy Ross – September 20th

Summer Social Sunday August 16th at 1 p.m.

Meet 20+ new BOOKSTARS and enjoy your summer reading!

“20 in 20″—CWC Berkeley Book Launch June 20th

May 17th SPEAKER—Paul Shirley—”Writing Like an Athlete to Build Creative Focus”

3/15 WORKSHOP—"Journalology" with Terry Tierney

3/15 – PANEL DISCUSSION with Bay Area Small Press Editors

2/29 – "Call of the Wild" History Walk & Reading with CWC Writers

February 16th SPEAKER—Jan Steckel on Poetry and Activism

Our Winter Social Is December 15th

FREE Audiobooks Workshop Nov 14th, Featuring Becky Parker Geist

"We're All in Freefall" — Interview with 11/17 featured author Lily Iona MacKenzie

11/17 SPEAKER – "You Can Be a Winning Writer" with Joan Gelfland

10/20 SPEAKER – "How Writers Can Avoid Legal Trouble" with Nicholas Jollymore, esq

9/23/19 – Mini-WORKSHOP with Kathy Meis of Bublish

Interview with Featured Member Gark Mavigan

9/15/19 – SPEAKER: "Causes Cross Genres" with September Williams

CWC Book Launch Party Sat. June 15th

June 5th WORKSHOP: "Setting that Works" with John Byrne Barry

5/19 PANEL: "The Working Writer"

April 21st— "Plan Your Novel Like a Pro" with Beth Barany

SPEAKER 3/17/19— "From Print to Performance: Adapting Books to Film and Theater" with Victoria Zackheim

Write Angles: February 2019

Aqueila Lewis-Ross Shares the Power of Poetry February 17th

See You Tomorrow! Start the Year Right with a Marketing Plan.

WORKSHOP 1/5/19: "Create a Marketing Plan" — Start Your New Year Right!

Winter Social for CWC Members

Write with Us Next Saturday

SPEAKER 11/18: "Mission: Utopia—Writing to Share an Urgent Vision" with Pat Ravasio

SPEAKER 9/16—Marty Nemko, "The Arc of My Career"

CWC Summer Social TOMORROW!

See You TOMORROW! End-of-year BOOK LAUNCH!

CWC Author BOOK LAUNCH June 16th!

May 12: Art in the Park: Writer/Artist Mini-Retreat in the Oakland Hills

The Road to Redemption: From Homelessness to Publishing

Featured Member: Poet Fred Dodsworth

An Interview with This Sunday's Guest, Amos White

April 21st Location for Our Five-Page Critique Group

April 15th: The Art of Giving Live Readings with Amos White

Save the date for our April 15th Event on Giving Live Readings

See You Sunday! Bookstore Owners Panel

March 18th: Bookstore Owners Panel Discussion

An Interview with Sunday's Speaker, Jacqueline Luckett

Feb 18th: "Grounding Our Characters to the Real World" with Jacqueline Luckett

Jan 21: How to be a Publishing Success Story with Literary Agent Ted Weinstein

12/17: Winter Social at the Bellevue Club

Interview with Joel Friedlander on Indie Publishing

Nov 19th: Author Platform, Branding, and Monetization with Joel Friedlander

California Writers Week 10/15-10/21

An Interview with Sunday's Speaker: Laurie Ann Doyle, Dialogue and You

See you Sunday at Preservation Park!

10/15 SPEAKER— "Said and Unsaid: Dialogue in Fiction and Memoir" with Laurie Ann Doyle

Sept 17th: How to Craft a Book that Sells, with Nina Amir

CWC Summer Social—July 23rd at Heinold's

JUNE 18: How to Turn Your Book into an Audiobook with Howard Van Es

May 27: CWC Political Writers Sound Off

May 21: How to Get Paid to Write for Magazines and Websites with LeeAnne Krusemark

What They Never Told Me about Being a Writer

Get Inside Your Reader's Brain with Novelist and Scientist Ransom Stephens

4 Publicity Tips from Sunday's Speaker, Cristina Deptula

Feb 19: Creatively Reaching Traditional Media with Publicist Cristina Deptula

Jan 15: Best-Selling Writer Joshua Mohr’s Innovative Approach to Plot and Character

See You Sunday for LITCAKE!

“Learning from Leonardo” with Fritjof Capra on November 17th

Open House – “LitCake” party on October 20th

See you Sunday!

September 2013 Write Angles

“Building a Platform for Your New Book” with Brooke Warner, September 15th

CWC Statewide Picnic in Oakland – July 20th

“Inventing Zorgos” – June 16th’s Speakers are Louise Hart and Kristen Caven

See you Sunday! Julia Flynn Siler on the Last Hawaiian Queen

‘Hawaii’s Last Queen” Julia Flynn Siler to speak on Sunday, May 19th

See You Sunday! Featuring dynamic duo Lloyd Lofthouse and Alon Shalev.

“You CAN Get Published” with Lloyd Lofthouse on April 21st

See You Sunday!

Sunday, 3/17 SPEAKER: “Capturing the Immigrant Experience” with ANGIE CHAU

“A Weaver’s Path to Publication” with Kathleen Curtis Wilson – 2/17/13

Announcing the 27th Annual 5th Grade Story Contest!

Happy Jack London’s Birthday!

January’s Write Angles

Dave Sawle to Present Workshop on Developing Your Publishing Platform

David Mitroff to Speak on Leveraging New Technology (January 20, 2013)

November 18 speaker-Scenes for the Novel and the Screen With James Dalessandro

Write Angles Awards First Contest Winner

September Speaker Mamatas Sheds Light on Freytag’s Triangle

CWC Annual Picnic is this Saturday!

June 17th SPEAKER — “Sci-Fi Speaks!” with AYIZE JAMA-EVERETT

Speakers before 2017 archived here.