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Time to join the CWC (or renew), y’all!

What better way to ask for dues than with a short story? Our ever-creative membership chair, Cliff Hui, penned a hilarious western-themed dues reminder that makes you want to whip out your shooter... I mean, checkbook. You can also join or renew online at http://cwc-berkeley.org/about/join-us. The Tab By Clifford Hui The saloon doors swung open and a dark shadow fell across the rectangle of light on the floor. The shadow was almost as dark as the death-black clothes of Big Bart who strode ...

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Announcing: The CWC Literary Review

Have you read the CWC Literary Review yet? The first edition of our club's new literary magazine recently arrived in member mailboxes all across the state, providing us all with a glimpse into the minds of our fellow writers. And what minds they are! Twenty-six California writers authored fiction, memoir/essays, poetry, and cartoons. The CWC Literary Review is a new and wonderful benefit to members! What's missing from the inaugural issue? Berkeley Branch writers! Submissions for the next ...

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