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CWC Annual Showcase LIVE @ CLIOS BOOKS June 17, 2023

This June, we're doubly excited to be doing a LIVE author showcase this year, and to be doing it at a soon-to-launch bookstore in the heart of Oakland! This annual event gives us the opportunity to celebrate our members who have published books in the past 2 years. We all work hard to get our writing out in the world and having a new book is a tremendous accomplishment! The Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club is proud to recognize and celebrate its eleven members who have ...

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Writing Punchy Dialogue: a Workshop with Terry Tierney

Crisp dialogue makes a story come alive. In the best fiction, what characters say is often what we remember the most. Writing dialogue is more than recording the casual comments your characters might share. Through their words, characters reveal their emotions and move the story forward. To be effective, dialogue should be well honed and carry the impact of poetry or drama, while still feeling realistic to the reader. This workshop led by Terry Tierney will focus on methods of writing dialogue ...

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“Building Your Author Platform” with Jay Hartlove on May 21st, 2023

You’ve written and published your book. Congratulations! What tools should you use to not only reach your audience, but build a loyal fan base that can translate your efforts into SALES? Come discuss the important business practices of advertising, web sites, email newsletters, social media, and making appearances with genre writer Jay Hartlove. About Jay Hartlove Jay Hartlove is the multiple award-winning author of the supernatural thriller Goddess Rising Trilogy, about which horror ...

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How to Pitch to a Literary Agent and Have Fun Doing It

Tuesday, April 25 · 12 - 1p.m. In this brown-bag one hour presentation, there will be demos from the organizers of Pitch-o-Rama, the annual literary pitch event in San Francisco. Have you ever wanted to pitch your novel to a literary agent, but were afraid you would not know what to say? This special event hosted by CWC-Berkeley members gives an up-close look at how to pitch your book in person or by Zoom and have fun doing it! Drawing on years of experience from organizing the ...

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Earth Day Write-in, Reading at Hayward Lit Hop and MORE

Whether you're just getting started with your writing or whether you're about to promote your billionth book, there is always more you can do to grow your writing career. The California Writers Club of Berkeley is here to help writers at all stages of their career. Check out some of the events we have coming up for Spring, most of which are free! Write in the Hights 19 April, Wednesday11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Yes, the spelling of "Hights" is intentional! This because ...

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“The Craft and Career of Activist Writing” with John Curl on April 16th, 2023

If your basic inspiration as a writer is to change the world in positive ways, you are an activist writer. Since writing springs from every aspect of a person's life, an activist writer needs broad experiences, in work life and personal life. Activist writers need to be creative to find venues for their writing and to find ways to connect with their natural audiences. Since this kind of writing rarely generates an adequate income, most activist writers also need another source of income. ...

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The Creative Side of Research — A Workshop with Amy Shea — 4/22/23

In The Creative Side of Research: The Anatomy of a Creative Essay, essayist and writing teacher Amy Shea shares the power of incorporating research into your narrative nonfiction, longform essay, and creative nonfiction.  April 22, 2023, 10-12am on Zoom How does a writer decide when, how, and how much research to include in a creative essay? In this workshop, discussion will focus on the reasons for including research, how research can improve an essay, considerations on how to ...

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“Editing Your Manuscript” with Ericka McIntyre

The Whys, Whats, and Hows In this talk, freelance editor and former Writer’s Digest Editor-in-Chief Ericka McIntyre will explain to authors what the different types of editing are, when and why you need each for your work, and how to find quality editors. She’ll also talk about the types of editing you can potentially do yourself and those that you should always seek professional help with. Self-publishers will get insights on why professional editing is critical to their ...

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“Sipping the Elixir” with Gail Carriger on January 15th, 2023

  An Overview of the Heroines Journey What is the Heroine’s Journey (as opposed to the Hero’s), and what aspects make for compelling narrative and voracious readers? Where do these elements originate and how do we write them? This presentation by a highly successful writer of unconventional female protagonists explains all. Gail Carriger, author of The Heroines's Journey, covers briefly what this journey is, how it works, one source myth, one pop-culture example, and how it can be ...

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“Story Telling Crossover” with Chris Hennessy on November 20th, 2022

Incorporating video into your writing projects Attendees of this event will learn: The How and Why of incorporating film & video into your writing projects— How your writing skills can help you craft an award-winning film; How to make quality film/video projects at little or no cost; How to use film/video to get a book deal with a traditional publisher; How to pre-promote your book during writing to create buzz. (e.g., get published in newspaper, miscellaneous ...

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