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CWC at the Hayward Lit Hop this Saturday

Don't miss this amazing lineup of Berkeley Branch Poets at the "Embodied" reading at the first annual Hayward Lit Hop, which was also started by a member of our branch, Cristina Deptula. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience.—but spiritual beings having a physical experience. We'll be sharing our stories of pain and transcendence, sense and sensation through a literary lens. Your fingers on the keyboard. Your breath after a fright. The fight against the flesh, the flow ...

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“Sustainable Storytelling” with Kristen Caven April 24, 2022

Some of us write to process difficult times in our lives. Some of us write to help others out of difficulty. Some of us do the job of sending our characters to hell and back! In this interactive storytelling workshop, novelist/playwright/cartoonist/psychology writer Kristen Caven will teach four positive psychology principles of post-traumatic growth that will energize your writing, inspire your readers, and actually help you live longer (so you can finish all your work)! After this short ...

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Honor the Earth with Sustainable Storytelling & Literary Action 4/24/22

Join us April 24th for a festival of outdoor lit in Joaquin Miller Park! Our April meeting will be set among a day full of springtime activities and networking. All events are free except the meeting/speaker series, for which we ask that you purchase a ticket. (Free tickets are available for those who need them. 10-12 p.m. Earth Day in the Park Come work with Friends of Joaquin Miller Park featuring a CWC Wolf-Pack write-in. Dale Risden, president of Friends of Joaquin Miller ...

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Editing Your Manuscript promo

Editing Your Manuscript – The Whys, Whats and Hows (March 20, 2022)

In this talk, freelance editor and Writer’s Digest writer and editor and former Editor-in-Chief Ericka McIntyre will explain to authors what the different types of editing are, when and why you need each for your work, and how to find quality editors. She’ll also talk about the types of editing you can potentially do yourself and those that you should always seek professional help with. Self-publishers will get insights on why professional editing is critical to their success, and how ...

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Flyer for Amy Collins Feb 20th

Agent 101: How to Land the Agent of your Dreams with Amy Collins [Feb. 20th]

Why do some authors get an agent and others do not? Why do some manuscripts and pitches garner huge advances and a juicy publishing contract and others just languish? It is possible to create a successful career as an author, but there are hard truths about what it really takes to "make it." Authors who have been querying agents or submitting manuscripts and not getting offers will appreciate this session in how to improve their chances of getting an agent or a publishing contract. This ...

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2/27 WORKSHOP – “The Narrative Gateway: Poems That Tell Stories” with Paul Corman Roberts

Whether the narrative poem is situated in the classical omniscient third person or the lyrical “I,” it has always served as one of the most popular and accessible forms of verse that opens the windows of the world up to more readers than perhaps any other form of poetry. In this workshop we will compare and contrast modern and postmodern narrative stylings that border on flash fiction, and we will generate writing through close reading prompts and editing prompts that take “poetry” to ...

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Writing Dialog that Sings promo image

Writing Dialogue that Sings with Jane K. Cleland

Sunday, January 16th We Level up Our Dialogue Skills Dialogue is one of three narrative tools to move the plot along and reveal character (in addition to description and action). Each character must speak with a unique voice—an amalgam of style, tone, intonation, and word choices. (And it must be formatted and punctuated properly). This Sunday, Jane K. Cleland will show you what you need to write dialogue that rings with truth. About Jane K. Cleland Jane K. Cleland writes both ...

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Making Podcasts work for Authors promo

Making Podcasts Work For Writers [SPEAKER SERIES Sunday Nov. 21st]

Join Us Sunday November 21st on Zoom to Learn What Podcasting Can Do for Writers Podcasts are for people who would rather listen than read, right? Not necessarily. Every writer should know the three powerful ways that podcasting can boost their literary life: as a listener, as a guest, and as a podcast creator. Award-winning podcast host (The Midlife Mixtape Podcast) and author (The Thank-You Project: Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at a Time) Nancy Davis Kho shares practical ...

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Researching a Historical Figure: Bringing Charmian Kittredge London to the Page

  October 17th as Iris Jamahl Dunkle Takes us Into the Life of a Trailblazer, Author, and Adventurer At our Sunday, October 17th meeting, award-winning literary biographer Iris Jamahl Dunkle will take us on the adventure of Charmian Kittredge London's life. We'll learn about her time living in Oakland and Berkeley, working in San Francisco, and her career as a writer. Dunkle will talk about the process she went through discovering her life: one that had been shadowed by her ...

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“A Blanket and a Basket of Chow”— a Picnic Celebration of California Writers on October 9th

Cascade Flows, Singalong, Picnic, Readings & Poet Laureate Celebration. Join us! Seeking inspiration at Joaquin Miller Park Join us for a special celebration on the afternoon of October 9th, 2021 in Joaquin Miller Park! A ribbon-cutting ceremony with city officials and the Friends of Joaquin Miller Park at noon will mark the completion of phase one of the water feature restoration. As the flow returns to the Woodminister Cascade, our writer in residence, Kristen Caven will lead a ...

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