WRITE ANGLES – February, 2014

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In this month’s Write Angles: 

Building a New Board • Mary-Rose Hayes • Call for Personal Narratives • Poetry • Book Review • Central Board Report • Other Branches • Taking Stock of our Club • Tidbits • Member News • Member Marketplace

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WRITE ANGLES – January 2014

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Writing plays • editing • call for submissions • holiday luncheon • and more!

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…and mark your calendar for the SF Writers Conference on 2/13-17! The CWC will have a booth, come say hi!

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WRITE ANGLES — December 2013

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December’s Write Angles: Holiday Edition!  NaNoWriMo Recap, Writing Tips, Help Wanted, Gifts for Writers…and more!

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WRITE ANGLES — November, 2013

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November’s Write Angles. Can I Rise from the Ashes of Despair to Write Again?

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WRITE ANGLES — October 2013

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Catching up on back issues! Here’s October’s Write Angles, which features a farewell to Debby Frisch, our dedicated coordinator of the 5th Grade Story Contest.


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