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Write Angles: May 2019

Read the entire newsletter here The Wind In Your SailsSome words from your captain/presidentIn the big book of work-life balance, writing fits in both categories for most of us. In Chapter seven of my memoir, Perfectly Revolting: My Glamorous Cartooning Career, "Doodling for Dollars," I write: There are five or six ways to have art in your life when you’re living in the real world.1) drawing for free2) drawing on the job3) drawing as a job4) drawing off the clock5) getting successfully ...

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Write Angles: April 2019

Read the entire newsletter here The Wind In Your SailsSome words from your captain/presidentIt's spring and today for some reason I am thinking about eggs. Eggs! There are good ones and bad ones; they come before and after chickens; they are delicate and ubiquitous, beautiful in form, mysterious in their inscrutability, and downright miraculous in their function. Eggs are potent symbols in literature, and inspiring poetry prompts! They are both delicious and nutritious. (Also, have ...

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Write Angles: March 2019

Read the entire newsletter here The Wind in Your Sails I woke up one morning and thought: What if I woke up one morning knowing we only had twelve years to save the planet? What else could I do that I'm not doing now? At the CWC Berkeley board meeting this month, there were five talented writers sitting around the table going through the painstaking business of keeping this club going. As I struggled to get to the end of the agenda before we all had to rush off, this agitated inner ...

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Write Angles: February 2019

read the entire newsletter here The Wind In Your Sails Some words from your president February is the month of love, and it's also Black History Month, a time to expand our focus on who has really shaped the world. The California Writers Club, going strong (or strong-ish) since 1909 (yes, it's our 110th birthday), has been traditionally made up of mostly white writers, but we represent many cultures now, and the future is what we make it. Muses don't discriminate based on color, race, or ...

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Write Angles: January 2019

Our newsletter is back on line! Click the link to read the first Write Angles of 2019. Note from the editor. There is a typo in every issue! This is there to remind writers to always get a proofreader. Can you spot it?

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WRITE ANGLES — October 2013

Catching up on back issues! Here's October's Write Angles, which features a farewell to Debby Frisch, our dedicated coordinator of the 5th Grade Story Contest. Write_Angles_October_2013-4

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