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A Sneak Peek of our Sneak Peek: Highlights from Interviews with some of the Authors at this Saturday’s Book Launch

What’s it like to write a book? What inspires a writer along their epic journey towards crafting a masterpiece? Here is a sampling of our authors’ thoughts as they write and publicize their books. Meet all of them and more at our free reading this Saturday, June 16th: Sneak Peek 2022. Visit our 2022 Books Shop on Bookshop.org Meet a Few of the Authors from this Saturday's Event ...

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Jessi Honard and co-author Parks

Jessi Honard’s Unrelenting Approach to Writing

Jessi Honard Jessi Honard recently joined CWC. She has been a regular participant in the Wednesday evening Berkeley Writers Circle since the pandemic began, and in that context, I’ve had the pleasure of reading her writing on many occasions. She writes intriguing, believable characters in fascinating and credible alternative realities. Sometimes those realities entail an extraordinary ...

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What Does A Poet Do After Last Call?

Write poetry, of course! The poems in Randall McNair's third volume of Bar Poems, Last Call, are sardonic, wry, heartfelt, and poignant. McNair captures the ineffable in his latest collection. Sandy Bliss: Folks who have read all three of the books (so far) in the Bar Poem series have remarked that the poems in Last Call are from a moodier, or more somber or depressed frame of mind ...

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Terry Tierney Takes His Readers on a Lucky Ride

Terry Tierney is January's Featured Member of the California Writers Club-Berkeley Branch. He'll tell us about his writing life, and read excerpts from his newly published novel, Lucky Ride, when the CWC-BB meets on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 1:00 pm. Terry says, "Lucky Ride followed the traditional road trip model—until I realized Flash’s story was more than merely a road trip."

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Member Amarjit Pannu’s novel is a love story set during India’s struggle for independence [Interview]

Author Amarjit Pannu will be the featured member at our October 17th meeting. Mark your calendars! Amarjit Pannu’s book Splintered Waters: Tryst with Destiny was published in March of this year by Austin Macauley Publishers of London, Cambridge, New York, and Sharjah. She will be the featured member at the Sunday October 17th meeting, so mark your calendars. While Splintered Waters is her ...

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