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Interview with Mike Lockwood

Snapshot Advice for Authors At our next speaker series, Mike Lockwood, author of Decision Decade – A Financial Roadmap for your Golden Years, will give some insight on his 35+ year of providing advice to help you not only get to, but get through retirement.  He will share some easy to understand concepts that anyone can implement as they prepare for that next phase. To whet your appetite, ...

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OMCA Write-In: Time Change to Noon.

This is just a quick announcement to let folks know we've pushed back the time of the OMCA write-in from starting at 11 to starting at noon. Likewise, we will gather to read at 4 p.m. rather than 3. Also, a reminder we no longer meet at the Peace Sign art, we meet directly behind the cafe.

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An event at 2727 California Street

We’re Leading the Poetry Express Open Mic February 20th

Sponsored by the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club, Poetry Express is back in Berkeley! Come on out to 2727 California Street in south Berkeley to hear open mic poetry. 2727 California Street is a multi-use event space and cooperative art gallery. The open mic readers will be surrounded by paintings as they express their poetry to the audience. Mark States founded Poetry Express ...

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write punchy dialogue promo with book and punching fist

Writing Punchy Dialogue: a Workshop with Terry Tierney

Crisp dialogue makes a story come alive. In the best fiction, what characters say is often what we remember the most. Writing dialogue is more than recording the casual comments your characters might share. Through their words, characters reveal their emotions and move the story forward. To be effective, dialogue should be well honed and carry the impact of poetry or drama, while still feeling ...

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How to Pitch to a Literary Agent and Have Fun Doing It

Tuesday, April 25 · 12 - 1p.m. In this brown-bag one hour presentation, there will be demos from the organizers of Pitch-o-Rama, the annual literary pitch event in San Francisco. Have you ever wanted to pitch your novel to a literary agent, but were afraid you would not know what to say? This special event hosted by CWC-Berkeley members gives an up-close look at how to pitch your book in ...

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a barren landscape with lush greenery flowing out of a book

Earth Day Write-in, Reading at Hayward Lit Hop and MORE

Whether you're just getting started with your writing or whether you're about to promote your billionth book, there is always more you can do to grow your writing career. The California Writers Club of Berkeley is here to help writers at all stages of their career. Check out some of the events we have coming up for Spring, most of which are free! Write in the Hights 19 ...

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Flyer for Amy Collins Feb 20th

Land the Agent of your Dreams with Amy Collins — February 20, 2022

Why do some authors get an agent and others do not? Why do some manuscripts and pitches garner huge advances and a juicy publishing contract and others just languish? It is possible to create a successful career as an author, but there are hard truths about what it really takes to "make it." Authors who have been querying agents or submitting manuscripts and not getting offers will appreci...

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Writing Dialog that Sings promo image

Writing Dialogue that Sings with Jane K. Cleland

Sunday, January 16th We Level up Our Dialogue Skills Dialogue is one of three narrative tools to move the plot along and reveal character (in addition to description and action). Each character must speak with a unique voice—an amalgam of style, tone, intonation, and word choices. (And it must be formatted and punctuated properly). This Sunday, Jane K. Cleland will show you what you ...

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Making Podcasts work for Authors promo

Making Podcasts Work For Writers [SPEAKER SERIES Sunday Nov. 21st]

Join Us Sunday November 21st on Zoom to Learn What Podcasting Can Do for Writers Podcasts are for people who would rather listen than read, right? Not necessarily. Every writer should know the three powerful ways that podcasting can boost their literary life: as a listener, as a guest, and as a podcast creator. Award-winning podcast host (The Midlife Mixtape Podcast) and author (The Thank-You ...

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Un-Erasing Charmian Kittredge London with Iris Jamahl Dunkle — October 17th, 2021

  October 17th as Iris Jamahl Dunkle Takes us Into the Life of a Trailblazer, Author, and Adventurer At our Sunday, October 17th meeting, award-winning literary biographer Iris Jamahl Dunkle will take us on the adventure of Charmian Kittredge London's life. We'll learn about her time living in Oakland and Berkeley, working in San Francisco, and her career as a writer. Dunkle will talk ...

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