Announcing the CWC-Berkeley Board (2024 – 2025)

Executive Board

Keith Gaboury: President

Jordan Pastor: Vice President

Karma Bennett: Secretary

Gary Durbin: Treasurer


Board of Directors

Bob Haus: NorCal Delegate

Bob Haus: Central Board Representative

Kristen Caven: At Large

Kristen Caven: Writer-in-Residence/Friends of Joaquin Miller Park

Cheral Stewart: Membership Chair

Jasper Ezequiel: Speaker Chair

Diane Swan: Write Angles Newsletter Editor

Gerry McDermott: PR Chair

Aqueila Lewis-Ross: Social Media Chair

Kathleen L. Orosco: Liaison



Kristen Caven: MRMS System Administrator:

Linda Brown, Kristen Caven: Historians 

Kristen Caven: Member Spotlight

Amarjit Pannu: Contest Chair

Bronwyn Emery: Speaker Series Interviews

Karma Bennett: Webmaster

Karma Bennett: OMCA Liaison

Leena Prasad: Speaker Vice-Chair

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi: Proofreader

Rocky Leplin: Newsletter Reader 

Tess Caldwell: Content Writer


Support / Critique Groups

Author Support Group: Henry Hitz and Karma Bennett

5-Page Support/Critique Group: Bob Haus

Memoir: Diane Swan


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