Berkeley Branch Officers

Board members can be contacted with the listed address with after it.

Executive Board

President Keith Gaboury berkeley.cwc
Vice President  Ellen McBarnette vp.berkeley.cwc
Secretary  Karma Bennett secretary.berkeley.cwc
Treasurer  Gary Durbin treasurer.cwc.berkeley

Board of Directors

Central Board Representative  Jordan Pastor  cb.cwc.berkeley
NorCal Delegate  Jordan Pastor norcal.cwc.berkeley
At Large  Henry Hitz henrybhitz
Membership Chair  Sarah Abbett members.cwc.berkeley
Speaker Series  Randy MacNair speakers.cwc.berkeley
Special Programs Chair  Ellen McBarnette workshops.cwc.berkeley
Social Media & Publicity Chair Aqueila Lewis-Ross news.cwc.berkeley, social.cwc.berkeley
Write Angles Newsletter Editor Diane Swan~ writeangles
Writer in Residence/Friends of Joaquin Miller Park Liaison Kristen Caven wir.cwc.berkeley


Nominating Committee  (appointed in January)
MRMS System Administrator Kristen Caven berkeley.cwc
Historians Therese Pipe, Linda Brown, Kristen Caven wir.cwc.berkeley
OMCA Liaison Ellen McBarnette  vp.berkeley.cwc
Web Master  Karma Bennett web.cwc.berkeley
Member Spotlight Kristen Caven 

Support/Critique Groups

Submission Support Group ~open~
Craft & Marketing Support Group Henry Hitz & Kymberlie Ingalls cwcmarketinggroup
5-Page Support/Critique Group  Bob Haus newsjazz4@aol
Poetrope Leena Prasad

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