Berkeley Branch Officers

(updated January 2017)

Board members can be contacted with the listed address with after it.

Executive Board

President  Karma Bennett berkeley.cwc@

Vice President  Francine Howard vp.berkeley.cwc@

Secretary  Teresa Boardman secretary.berkeley.cwc@

Treasurer  Henry Hitz treasurer.berkeley.cwc@

Board of Directors

Membership Chair  Kristen Caven 

Programs Chair Lucille Bellucci

Central Board Rep  Linda Brown

Volunteer Recognition   Madelen Lontiong

Advertising & Public Relations  Anjeulle Floyd news.cwc.berkeley@

President Emerita Kymberlie Ingalls kymberliecwc@

Write Angles editor  POSITION OPEN writeangles@ 

Community Liaison Dana Darienzo Jordan


NorCal Delegate  —open—

New Member Orientation  —open—

Nominating Committee  (appointed in January)


Copyeditor  Anne Fox

Media/Technology Advisor; MRMS System Administrator  Kristen Caven

Web Master  Kristen Caven/Cowgirl Creative web.cwc.berkeley

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)  Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D


Montly Speakers & CWC Authors  Lucille Bellucci

“Writerly Events” Madelen Lontiong

Fifth-Grade Story Contest  POSITION OPEN 5th.cwc.berkeley

Book Raffle  Lucille Bellucci

Holiday Luncheon  Lucille Bellucci

Support/Critique Groups

Marketing Support Group Kymberlie Ingalls kymberliecwc@

5-Page Support/Critique Group  David Baker & Anne Fox

Novelists  Jill Perry

16 Eyes  Bruce Shigeura

Kiddie Lit-ers  ~open~

Middle Grade/YA  Walter Price

Google Group Moderator Kristen Caven

Contact Us

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