A Sneak Peek of our Sneak Peek: Highlights from Interviews with some of the Authors at this Saturday’s Book Launch

What’s it like to write a book? What inspires a writer along their epic journey towards crafting a masterpiece? Here is a sampling of our authors’ thoughts as they write and publicize their books. Meet all of them and more at our free reading this Saturday, June 16th: Sneak Peek 2022.

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Meet a Few of the Authors from this Saturday’s Event

Vivian Pisano

Living in Two Worlds

“In Living in Two Worlds the author unpacks, with sensitivity and imagination, a fraught mother/daughter relationship. This lyrically evocative memoir is a gracefully told story.”
Anna Rabkin, author of From Krakow to Berkeley: Coming out of Hiding

“I am grateful for the community I live in, my neighbors, their graciousness, and their gardens. I am grateful for any bits of rain that fall on our parched ground.  

Thanks to literature and theater for nourishing my mind, for all writers and performers who share intimacies and emotions so eloquently.”

– Vivian M. Pisano

Lucky Ride poetry book cover

Terry Tierney

Lucky Ride

Terry Tierney is best known for his award-winning poetry collection, The Poet’s Garage. His debut novel, Lucky Ride, is a road trip story about Flash, a Vietnam veteran, and his roundabout search for home.

“Flash has an irrepressible optimism despite his unraveling marriage and the years he lost in the military….As a person who struggles to find his way, Flash would be a difficult friend to have, but dreamers can also be interesting and inspiring.”

-Terry Tierney

Randall McNair

Last Call

Randall McNair refers to himself as the “Poet Laureate of the Absurd.” His third volume in his Bar Poems series is Last Call. Randall was past and current speaker chair, planner of the events in our speaker series.

“We poets are always looking at the minutiae in search of some truth. And the only truth I’ve been able to find is that this world is hard. Living is hard. Loving is hard. But for every difficulty I’ve faced in my life, I’ve always been rewarded…with something of value.”

– Randall McNair

Unrelenting book cover

Jessi Honard


Jessi Honard is new to our club. She writes intriguing, believable characters in fascinating and credible alternative realities. No matter the situation, her writing has the immediacy of characters facing high stakes with determination, intelligence, and humor.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also realized that pure perseverance and discipline can become a recipe for burnout. Just as important as perseverance itself are two other essentials: rest and community. “

– Jessi Honard

Cover: The Winning Family

Kristen Caven

The Winning Family

This fourth edition of The Winning Family marks a turning point for this mother-daughter writing team, with Kristen Caven’s name on the cover of her mom Dr. Louise Hart’s internationally-acclaimed book, which has been a major part of her life and career. Caven has updated this beloved bible for loving parents for a new era.

“Parenting is the hardest job, and the most challenging we’ll ever have. Parents are in constant need of inspiration, encouragement, and good ideas. We’re passionate about creating families filled with joy and satisfaction!”

-Kristen Caven

Gary Durbin


When an AI researcher is killed, a super-geek, and the CEO of Distributed Nanotech are thrust into the fight against a world-threatening technology. They join forces with a sentient artificial intelligence and dark web allies to expose a political conspiracy and usher in a new world.

As a cyber-attack moves from Berkeley to South Korea to Kathmandu to Colorado, the only one that sees the whole pattern is Alpha. Together they fight the vicious worm attacking electric girds, cell phones, and nuclear missile silos. They struggle to find the person who loosed this scourge, but of course, it all comes down to power.

“Sentient is probably Hopepunk. Since it’s a thriller, that’s all I can say without disclosing plot lines.”

– Gary Durbin

Splintered Waters book cover

Amarjit Pannu

Splintered Waters: Tryst With Destiny

Amarjit Pannu writes in both English and Punjabi. Her historical fiction novel, Splintered Waters: Tryst With Destiny tells the story of the Partition of India that created the country of Pakistan, and freed India from British rule.

“The world knows about Gandhi, but this novel showcases the sacrifices of unsung heroes, including my grandfather, who gave their lives for freedom from the British.

– Amarjit Pannu

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