2O/2O/2O2O Literary Sampler

WAIT! Before this wonderful year ends (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha), we FINALLY (and proudly) announce this literary sampler representing some of our members’ best writings. Two poets, two memoirists, and two novelists share writings on new transformations.

We start with poems by Keith Gaboury about leaving the past and seeing in new ways, and poems about “Drumpf” and his damage done by Judith Offer. In the memoir samples, we hit bottom with Tim Jollymore, and then we meet Cindy Rasicot’s spiritual guru for the first time. Then, through our novelist’s eyes, we arrive at prom with a Cinderella-type in a story by Kristen Caven, and finally Lily Iona McKenzie sets us in Venice where the rules seem to have changed for an artist on the brink.

In each expression and narrative, we know we are in a new world where there’s no going back.

And we aren’t.

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