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Ayodele Nzinga is Oakland’s First Poet Laureate

Our long-standing tradition of giving a member the mic before our keynote speaker helps us get to know what our colleagues are working on. Our 5+5+5 guidelines (5 minutes of backstory, 5 minutes to read, and 5 minutes of Q&A) help emerging writers polish their professional skills. Ayodele Nzinga will take the Member Spotlight before our January speaker, Kevin Fisher-Paulson. Get ...

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See you on Sunday!

We're so excited to welcome Kevin Fisher-Paulson as our in-person speaker this coming Sunday, January 21st. Come and get inspired at 1955 Broadway in downtown Oakland by Ayodele Nzinga in the Member Spotlight and Kevin Fisher-Paulson's Speaker Series presentation "Open Your Soul Without Spilling It All." Kevin Fisher-Paulson is a weekly columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Here all the ...

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