3 posts from month 11/2023

See you tomorrow!

We're so excited to welcome Susan Neufeld Paul as our speaker on Sunday, November 19th. Come and get inspired by her presentation on "Grant Writing 101." Susan Neufeld Paul provides organization development and grantwriting services for individuals and nonprofits that seek to advance social justice, racial equity, and healing. She has worked in the nonprofit social services field for over ...

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Sarah Abbett is Uniquely Unique.

Our long-standing tradition of giving a member the mic before our keynote speaker helps us get to know what our colleagues are working on. Our 5+5+5 guidelines (5 minutes of backstory, 5 minutes to read, and 5 minutes of Q&A) help emerging writers polish their professional skills. Sarah Abbett will take the Member Spotlight before our November speaker, Susan Neufeld Paul. Get tickets ...

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“Grant Writing 101” with Susan Neufeld Paul on November 19th, 2023

Find the money that is looking for YOU. You may know how to write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction...but grant writing is an art in itself. Penning genre bestsellers isn't the only way to earn a living as a writer! The nonprofit philanthropic world knows that art is too often undervalued, and steps in to sustain artists and writers in pursuing their goals. Arts grants create visibility ...

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