4 posts from month 10/2022

“Story Telling Crossover” with Chris Hennessy on November 20th, 2022

Incorporating video into your writing projects Attendees of this event will learn: The How and Why of incorporating film & video into your writing projects— How your writing skills can help you craft an award-winning film;How to make quality film/video projects at little or no cost;How to use film/video to get a book deal with a traditional publisher;How to pre-promote your ...

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Member Spotlight: Jordan Pastor

  Meet Jordan Pastor at our meeting today! Get tickets here Jordan Pastor is a self-published psychological adventure thriller fiction author, poet, and seasonal music journalist for the Eurovision Song Contest. He is the author of the novels Never Say Forgotten, Never Say Forgiven, and Red Elk. His recently published projects include the romance novelette Sunsets Near and ...

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“A Reading in the Redwoods” & Open Mic with Ayodele Nzinga, 10/21/22

The third week of every October is California Writers Week, and this year our community event features Oakland's first Poet Laureate, Ayodele "Wordslanger" Nzinga, who accepted an honorary membership to the CWC at last year's historic celebration of California writers, From Ina to Ayodele. At that event, we celebrated the restoration of the water feature in the Woodminster Cascade, although ...

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“Intergenerational Dialogue” with Lyndsey Ellis on October 16th, 2022

The 3rd week of October is California Writers Week! This year we celebrate California's deep, historical diversity with an exciting conversation with an up-and-coming West Coast & Midwest author. The Nuances of Writing Cultural Complexity Regardless of race and class, many attitudes, behaviors, and belief systems stem from values hat are specific to our age groups. Exploring ...

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