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2/27 WORKSHOP – “The Narrative Gateway: Poems That Tell Stories” with Paul Corman Roberts

Whether the narrative poem is situated in the classical omniscient third person or the lyrical “I,” it has always served as one of the most popular and accessible forms of verse that opens the windows of the world up to more readers than perhaps any other form of poetry. In this workshop we will compare and contrast modern and postmodern narrative stylings that border on flash fiction, and ...

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Terry Tierney Takes His Readers on a Lucky Ride

Terry Tierney is January's Featured Member of the California Writers Club-Berkeley Branch. He'll tell us about his writing life, and read excerpts from his newly published novel, Lucky Ride, when the CWC-BB meets on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 1:00 pm. Terry says, "Lucky Ride followed the traditional road trip model—until I realized Flash’s story was more than merely a road trip."

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Half-Year Membership Special

Writers, are you ready to commit to your writing? The California Writers Club (CWC) is one of the oldest and largest writers’ clubs in America.  We have a proud heritage going back to our founding in 1909. Organized into local branches, the club has over 1,800 members in 22 branches spread across our state. Our mission is to provide education and support for writers in our communities. ...

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Writing Dialog that Sings promo image

Writing Dialogue that Sings with Jane K. Cleland

Sunday, January 16th We Level up Our Dialogue Skills Dialogue is one of three narrative tools to move the plot along and reveal character (in addition to description and action). Each character must speak with a unique voice—an amalgam of style, tone, intonation, and word choices. (And it must be formatted and punctuated properly). This Sunday, Jane K. Cleland will show you what you ...

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